NYSC online Registration Procedure 2023/2024

The  NYSC Registration Procedures–how to successfully complete your registration online

The  NYSC registration is set to commence in comings weeks and all eligible graduates are advised to get ready because the registration process will be done on a first-come first-serve basis.

Talking of eligibility, do you know if you are eligible to participate in the mandatory one-year youth service program? What are the things that guarantee your eligibility status?

Do you even know how and where to register at all? All of these questions will be discussed later in this article as we desire to get you fully prepared for the upcoming NYSC registration exercise. We have had enough for the introduction, let’s hit the ground running!Nysc


Important Tips All PCM (Prospective Corp Members) Must Know About NYSC Registration

  • All Registration Processes Are Done Online: This shouldn’t be a problem anyway, the advancement in technology means almost every intending corpers can register from the comfort of their homes as long as there is a perfect internet service. Alternatively, you can visit a nearby cyber café to get it done as soon as possible.
  • You Must Thumbprint By Yourself: In no condition should someone thumbprint on your behalf because you will be asked to thumbprint during verification process in camp. You might be dismissed as soon as your thumb couldn’t be linked to your profile.
  • Using Your Recent Passport Is Advisable: You should make use of active or recent passport. This is because recent passport will appears more clearer and will portrait your present physical appearance.
  • Choose Username And Passport You Can Easily Remember: As much as it is important you make use of passwords that no one can easily guess right, it is advisable you choose simple but strategic one that you can always remember.

Futhermore, you are advised to keep your password and username safe from everyone, including your closest friend.

  • Cross-check All Provided Data Before Submitting: There is no need for rush. You have to be sure of the data you provide before clicking on the ‘submit’ button.
  • Do Not Use Scanned Documents: Scanned documents, like National ID card, are completely unacceptable during verification in camp.

So, you shouldn’t scan any of your documents because it might lead to the end of your verification process. Original copy of all the required documents is advisable.

  • Fake Documents Attract Punishment: Do not try to make use of fake documents as it will attract grievous punishment. First, you will be decamped. Then, you will be arrested which could land you in jail.
  • Pregnant or Nursing Mother Isn’t Allowed In Camp: As a nursing mother or a pregnant lady, you are not permitted to be in camp. However, you can come for your tour documentation and go back to your home.

>>>see:NYSC SENATE LIST here

 NYSC Registration Requirements

As promised earlier, below is a conclusive list of the things you should possess before registering for the upcoming NYSC camp mobilization:

Meanwhile, the list is divided into two categories as we shall be discussing youths who graduated from Nigerian institutions and the ones who studied abroad.

First category: Graduates From Nigeria-based Institutions

If you fall into this category below are some of the things/condition you must possess/meet before beginning your NYSC registration process:

1. A Valid Email Address and Phone Number: This two things are very important to both categories as you will need an active and accessible email address where the NYSC registration team will contact you.

You phone number should be available at all time and must be able to receive or send messages.

2. Matriculation Number: This is important as you will be asked to provide it during the registration process.

3. Your Name Must Be Included In The Senate List: You might be thinking what senate list stands for? This is a list that consists of all graduates across the country who are qualified for NYSC mobilization.

Your school will be the one to include your name in their own list before forwarding it to the appropriate quarters. Hence, you are adviced to visit the Senate’s list via hereto be sure if you are enlisted. In case you are not shortlisted, you should contact your school as soon as possible to make ammendment.

4. Certificate of Registration With Some Professional Bodies: As a graduate from any of the courses that will be disclosed below, you are expected to register with the bodies in charge. This is because you will have to provide the certificate of registration during verification.

The courses include Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Physiotherapy, Radiology, Optometry, Medical Laboratory Science and Pharmacy.

5. Good State of Health: You must be in good health condition during and after registration. Do not hesitate to disclose your health problem if you have one.

Second Category: Nigerians Who Studied Abroad

If you fall into this category and you hope to be part of this year’s NYSC program; then, below are some of the things you should do or possess:

* Clarify If Graduates From Your School Are Eligible: It is mandatory we tell you that not all foreign-base graduates are allowed to participate in the compulsory youth service. This is because Nigeria’s government already blacklisted some schools which means their graduates are ineligible.

It is your responsibility to contact the country’s ministry of education to confirm if your school is eligible. If yes, you can proceed with your registration.

If it’s the other way round, we are sorry there’s nothing you can do to it as at the time of this article. Hopefully, that might change in the near future.

* Any Of The following O-level Result:

WAEC Result: You are to provide your WAEC result which is expected to contain at least five credit pass including English Language.

GCE Results: This is equally expected to contain nothing less than 5 credits pass including English

language. This grades must be attained in not more than 2 sittings.

NECO Results: You can also decide to use this O-level result. Although, it must have five credit pass with English Language inclusive. It mustn’t exceed 2 sittings.

NABTEB Result : Lastly, you can equally provide this result as it is largely accepted by NYSC officials.

Just as it is with other results above, you are to have a credit pass in English Language and four other subjects. It shouldn’t be more than 2


* High School Diploma for International Students: This is mainly for graduates who studied in the United States of America. The High school diploma for international students must consist of the following

International passport which contains some certain information about you. These info include Personal Data; Your Visa to the American country; date of first departure to USA and your date of arrival into the West African country.

* Dual Citizenship Passport: This isn’t mandatory. Nonetheless, you are expected to upload it if you have one.

* Certificate must be in English language. You can easily translate it to English if it’s initially written in any other language.

* Age limit Exemption Certificate: This is only for foreign graduates who are above the permitted age which is 30.

NYSC Online  Registration Procedure

The NYSC online registration isn’t a tough task to accomplish as long as you have all the discussed details and a working internet service. To register, visit the NYSC official registration Portal by clicking here

Fill the boxes with accurate details and upload required files or certificates where necessary. Then, click on the register button.

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