How to check NYSC 2023/2024 Senate List out for Batch (A&B) | How to check NYSC 2023/2024 Senate List for Batch A, B, C (stream 1 and stream 2)

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Today, this write up will focus on all Prospective Corp Members (PCM). Whichever batch you fall into, Batch A, B, C of Stream 1 and Stream 2,

keep reading. You would learn how to check your name on the NYSC Senate List for 2023/2024.

Both Batch A and B are often grouped into two Streams, Stream 1 and Stream 2.

In most cases, the Stream 1 is for those who registered for the program earlier. Probably, on the day registeration commence. An early registration usually guarantees that you are among the Stream 1, in most cases.

Again, there are other factors involved when determining the stream number you fall into. But submitting your registration early on the NYSC portal will help you get on the Stream 1 list. So, complete and submit your registration form on time.

If you wish to be among the Stream 1 category, be swift in locating a registeration center close to you and go start and complete the registration process.

Take note of this. In the first day of registeration, there could be different issues with the NYSC portal, and other technical difficulties.

The NYSC portal will be overwhelmed on the first registeration begins. Another technical issue to look out for is the email delivery issue.

Yahoo and Gmail are good email service provider, but on the first day of registeration, there could be issues on email delivery. It may slow down a bit.

Also, internet services may slow down a bit. There could be a restore, on the first day. Things get better on the second day. It gets back to normal functioning.

Begin your registration as early as possible, if you want to be among the Stream 1.

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Information for NYSC batchs stream 1 and stream 2

Hope you are aware that the next NYSC batch for 2023/2024 will soon begin? Yes the registration for the NYSC Batch A, B, C Stream 1 and Stream 2 will soon start.

This information is only for all Corp members candidates who weren’t able to be mobilized in the last Batch.

After this development, many Corp members have been looking out for Batch C, if it would ever occur this year. You will get your questions answered here.

There has been a necessity to divide prospective Corp members into categories arises as a result of some factors. Here are few reasons for this:

  • The Federal Government needs to maintain a low budget.
  • The space available for the Primary Place of Assignment (PPA) is few.
  • Every year, a mass number of graduates will come from different institutions.

As you can see from the factors above, the NYSC program can’t hold at once. It would be too cumbersome. Most of the orientation camps cannot have 3000 candidates at once.

It would outweigh available facilities when pushed futher. That’s why patient must be exercised. There is room for everyone.

Please note that your name must be on the NYSC mobilization Senate list before you can be mobilized.

You name must appear on the list of Batch A, B, or C Stream 1 or Stream 2  pcm. Once you can find your name on the list, be ready for the coming NYSC registeration.

If your name is not on the Senate List for batch c, stream 1 and stream 2, it means your school haven’t cleared you. It could be for one of these reasons:

  • There are some outstanding fees you haven’t cleared in your school.
  • Your clearance hasn’t been completed.
  • Your name is on the next batch list.
  • There is an outstanding course(s) to clear.

Other reasons may be responsible for it, but the ones listed above is usually the case. Look into them and address where needed. Visit your school and find out for yourself.

How to check NYSC 2023/2024 Senate List

It simple to check for your name on the Senate List. Nothing is complicated about it.

To check your name on the NYSC  Senate List, please use the links provided below.

For Batch A, B, C, Stream 1 and 2, visit:

For Batch A, B, C, Stream 1 and 2, visit:

For Batch A, B, C, Stream 1 and 2, visit:

The steps to follow are on the pages, please simply follow the simple instructions.

Here is the summary of the steps:

  • When you get to the webpage, select your institution.
  • Type in your Matriculation number. Make sure it is correct.
  • Provide your Surname.
  • Choose your date of birthday (in this order: month, day and year).

That’s it. Good luck!

Hope this helps? In case you have any issue about the NYSC  Senate List, please feel free to ask questions in the comment box below.

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