How Many Wives and children Did Fela Kuti Have?

Fela Kuti was known to married about 28 wives in total before his death.

You might ask ” who was Fela’s first wife?” Well it is also known that Remi Taylor was Fela kuti’s first wife and they both got married in 1960 and they both remained married for long then all of a sudden in 1978, fela kuti came up with an idea which has never been seen in Nigeria. he became comfortably to get married to about 27 women on same day.

Getting married to 27 wives increase the popularity of fela kuti as everyone was interested to know what motivated him and how he was going to manage his home with this number of woman.fela

Why did Fela have 27 wives?

Then it was alleged that the federal government had invaded his home and dealt a big blow on him in 1977, this proceeds the allegation that Fela kuti had kidnapped so many woman and kept them under the confine of his home, then the following year he got married to his 27 new wives to prevent the reoccurrence and treatment he had received from the government.

so the reason Fela kuti married 27 wives on the same day was to get a legal backing and status and with this put in place, it was not possible to invade his home on pretence that he had kidnapped so many women for his self pleasure.

He went further to justify his move of having many woman around him with the following words “A man goes for many women in the first place. He’s not going to marry all of them, but he’s going to have a taste of all of them.”

On how he managed the women, he said that he had to rotate them so that only the ones or few he wants to be with at a day or given time will be with him.

He went further to state that his love for all his wives is equal
sadly fela died in 1997, leaving behind 27 wives and children.

who married 27 wives in one day?

Fela is the only Nigerian known to have married 27 wives in one day.

how many children did fela kuti have

Fela Kuti is said to have had 8 children despite getting married to over 28 women in his lifetime , although from this 8 children only 3 of them were from his first wife, Remi Taylor.

Remember that the first wife of Fela Kuti was Taylor and they both had 3 children and they are Femi and Yeni, born in England, and Sola, born in Lagos.

In a twist of event, in 1978, Fela Kuti made another move that shocked the whole of Nigeria by getting married to an additional 27 wives and went ahead to have an additional 5 children.

The names of Fela Kuti’s children are:

  • Femi Kuti
  • Yeni Kuti
  • Sola Kuti
  • Motunrayo Kuti
  • Seun Kuti
  • Lakeme Kuti
  • Omowumi Kuti
  • Made Kuti

Femi and Seun Kuti are both musicians, these two sons of Fela seems to follow their fathers path.
Femi is the leader of the Positive Force band, while Seun is the leader of Egypt 80. Both brothers are known for their Afrobeat music, which is a fusion of traditional African music with funk, jazz, and soul.

you might be for sure interested to know more about the other children of Fela Kuti . It is interesting to know that they are also doing well in their respective career path in keeping their father’s legacy alive.

Like for instance, Motunrayo is also a singer and have also pursued careers in music, the arts, and activism. Motunrayo is a singer and actress, while Omowumi is a well known fashion designer. Made Kuti is also doing well as a musician and activist, and lastly Lakeme is a businesswoman.

who is fela first child?

the first child of fela is a female and her name is Omoyeni Anikulapo-Kuti and she was born in London in the 1961. you might ask why London? Well fela was still studying at Trinity College of Music when she was born.

what kill fela kuti:

what did fela kuti died from? what year did fela kuti died?

let’s discuss about how fela kuti died and from what he died from.

Fela Kuti actually died on August 2, 1997, at the age of 58. it was announced all over the radio and television station that he has died.

it was alleged that Fela Kuti had been infected with HIV and he has been managing it for some years although as expected all this was kept private.

It was said that Fela suffered from several health related problems such as pneumonia, malaria, and kidney failure.

Then, In 1997, Fela Kuti was admitted to a Lagos hospital and he got several complications as at then but was admitted and treated for pneumonia. He died a few weeks later, on August 2.

As at that time, science has not made so much breakthrough and there was no effective drugs that could help keep the viral loads down unlike as we have today.

The official cause of death was AIDS-related complications, but there is some speculation that he may have also been poisoned.

There are others who still believed that Fela didn’t die from Aids related problems but he was poisoned by the Nigerian government just to silence him. As you might have known, Fela was used to having problems with the government, leading to a number of legal battles.

What ever the cause of fela,s death is, one thing is certain; his death was a big blow on the Nigerian music industry and we will forever remember him for his fight against bad governance, looting of public wealth etc.

who is burna boy mother to fela

Bose Ogulu is burna boy’s mother and she has been supportive of him through out his musical journey.

Although it was alleged that she was a Dancer for Afrobeat legend FELA Kuti and thats all. although some people are speculating that she might had have an affair with fela and that the relationship produced burna boy.

Please remember that all this are just speculations because burna boy and Seun kuti have all come out to debunked the claims that burna boy’s mother danced for fela.

While reacting to a picture of Fela kuti and a young woman on stage who was rumoured to be burna boy’s mother. Seun kuti has this to say :

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