Seyi Tinubu: wife, mother, Religion & More

fact: Do you know that Sayi Tinubu is not the biological son of Oluremi Tinubu?

When you hear the name Sayi Tinubu the first thing that comes to mind is Ahmed Bola Tinubu. yes Seyi Tinubu is the son of Bola Ahmed Tinubu but not much is known about his mother and family . very little is known about what he does, his wife, religion and his his involvement in various business ventures.

So in this article, we are going to throw more light in the personal life of Sayi Tinubu, what he does, the allegation, his wife, his mother and lots more. so take a sit let’s ride on as we explore and give detailed and accurate information about Seyi tinubu.seyi tinubu

seyi tinubu mother:who is seyi tinubu mother

who is the mother of seyi tinubu?is remi tinubu the mother of seyi tinubu? can you guess? okay let’s give you full details.

Seyi Tinubu is certainly not Oluremi Tinubu biological son in fact Seyi Tinubu was born by one Bunmi Oshonike who is said to be a prophetess in a white garment Church.bunmi

Bunmi Oshonike and Bola Ahmed Tinubu was said to have met on a flight which was on transit from United States of America to Nigeria.

They became friends and developed loved for each other and the relationship between them produce Seyi Tinubu. But sadly this beautiful woman is not seen anywhere around Tinubu.

who is seyi tinubu

OluwaSeyi Tinubu is the CEO and Founder of Loatsad Promomedia Limited, This company is into outdoor advertisement so it is safe to call it advertising company and it is located in Nigeria.

When we dig into the companies dealings, we found out that it specializes in billboard placements, digital advertising, and outdoor advertising solutions. You can read more to get deeper information about this company.

Seyi Tinubu does not seems to engage in just one business, in fact, he is into real estate, technology and hospitality. when going through his profile you will agree with me that he has this entrepreneurial spirit.

seyi tinubu linked with London house

sayi Tinubu is said to own different houses scattered all over the world. a report by Bloomberg linked a purchase of a London mansion worth over $10.8m to Sayi Tinubu and Nigerians are asking if he truly earned those money or if the report is true or just a ploy to debt his reputation.

The report went further to state that Seyi Tinubu is a major shareholders of a company known as Arenda Overseas Corp and it’s on report that this company paid in millions of dollars into a Deutsche Bank in 2017 for the purchase of some property in London.

While Seyi Tinubu’s achievements are laudable and commendable and worthy of emulation, it is essential to note and acknowledge that being successful comes with it own controversy.

Being born into a politically influential family with lots of opposition here and there comes with scrutiny, some of the findings by the press might be true while others might be lacking substantial evidence.

seyi tinubu wife: is seyi tinubu married?

What is seyi tinubu wife name, who is seyi tinubu married to? when did seyi tinubu got married?seyi tinubu and wife

all this question are being asked by Nigerians. what we have to do now is to answer the above questions in summary without wasting your time.

seyi tinubu is married, he is not single and for those asking who is seyi tinubu married to should know that Sayi Tinubu got married to Layal Holm who is a Nigerian-Lebanese.

The next question now is “when did seyi tinubu got married”? Well,
Yes Seyi Tinubu got married in 2018.
Sayi Tinubu’s wife runs a non non-profit private known as Noella foundation.

A check on the main objective of the organisation and we found out that the organisation is seeking to drive change & improve the economy of Nigeria and they are doing this through the following :

  • entrepreneurship,
  • innovation and
  • sustainable ideas.

The marriage between Sayi Tinubu and his wife Layal Holm is blessed with two children.

seyi tinubu age

Sayi Tinubu was born on March 3, 1985. he was born to Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Bunmi Oshonike whose relationship are not being talked about.

The public only got to know about this woman through Sayi Tinubu birthday wishes to his mom.

seyi tinubu religion

while Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a practicing Muslim, the woman he had his previous relationship with who is the mother of Seyi Tinubu is a Christian who worship at celestial church of christ and we all know that mothers have huge influence on their children.

So it’s expected for Seyi Tinubu to be a Christian rather than Muslim. so Seyi Tinubu is a Christian.

seyi tinubu education

seyi tinubu is a graduate as expected, he actually went for his higher education in Canada where he got admission in the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario, Canada. and he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management.


In summary, Seyi Tinubu’s entrepreneurial spirit, contributions to the entertainment industry, and philanthropic endeavors have made him a notable figure in Nigeria. His achievements and dedication to his various ventures exemplify the potential for positive impact that individuals can have in their communities.

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