University of Ibadan Postgraduate Admission Form June 2024/2025

University of Ibadan Postgraduate Admission Form

University of Ibadan is a household name when it comes to tertiary institutions in Nigeria and Africa at large, thanks to its wonderful postgraduate program.

It will shock you to know that over 40% of the school’s population are purely postgraduate students, which further buttress the fact that UI, as it is fondly called, have conducive and interesting postgraduate program/academic calendar for their students.University of Ibadan

I’m sure you want to know more about the University’s post-graduate programs and why it is rated so high among Nigerians and other international students. This is why we have dedicated this page to everyone who falls in this category.

In this article, we shall be discussing extensively about the type of postgraduate admission available to interested graduates; how to apply for admission; where to get admission form; requirements and other important facts. So, Let’s get down to business.

Types Of University of Ibadan Postgraduate School Admission

There are three types of postgraduate admission available to applicants. They include the Full-time, part-time and Occasional admission.

1. Admission To Become a Full-time Student: This type of admission requires student to always remain in school premises because their lectures are scheduled to take place in the morning. It doesn’t give room for students to participate in office work or any other job that can only be done in the morning.

Alternatively, you could ask your organization to help reschedule your working hours in such a way that will allow you focus on your academic studies. Meanwhile, you will have to present your organization’s reference letter to the school management if your are taking this route.

2. Admission To Become A Part-time Student: This is the second type of admission available to students who are interested in undergoing their postgraduate studies in the Ibadan-based citadel of learning.

With this type of admission, you are only in the school on a part-time basis. This means you can be going to classes without harming your performance in your organization.

However, just like the full-time admission, you will need to let your organization know about your desire to further your education. This is will help to create a mutual understanding between you and your boss at work which will play a huge role in helping you balance both school and work.

3. Admission To Become an Occasional Postgraduate Student: This type of admission isn’t common in the country’s educational settings, and it is only done by a few highly-rated institutions.

This type of admission gives you the opportunity to undertake a certain program without any aim of attaining or obtaining a postgraduate degree at the end of the program.

It is often referred to as a non-degree program and it’s mainly seen as part of student’s mere desire to enlarge their understanding about a course or field of interest.

University of Ibadan Postgraduate School Admission Requirements

As a graduate who is interested in furthering your education in the UI postgraduate school, below are the criteria/conditions you should possess/meet.

  • You Recently Graduated From The University: Being a graduate of the University ultimately qualifies you to be part of the institution’s post graduate program. You just have to obtain your admission form and proceed to the next phase of admission process.
  • You Must Graduate From Approved Universities: Apart from being a UI graduate, you still have a chance of being admitted into University of Ibadan for your postgraduate program. This can be possible if your school is listed among the ones permitted by UI’s senate members.
  • You Must Be Recommended By Appropriate Faculty Postgraduate Committee: Your hopes of being admitted into the university of Ibadan postgraduate school is very slim until you are recommended by concerned Faculty Postgraduate Committee.
  • You must be ready to choose from any of the discussed types of admission.

Where To Obtain University of Ibadan  Postgraduate Form

Obtaining UI postgraduate admission form doesn’t require extreme efforts or time as it can be gotten online. In other words, this UI postgraduate form is readily available online via the school’s portal.

You can visit this portal —— to purchase your own form without stress.

How Much Does It Cost To Obtain  University of Ibadan Postgraduate Form

There are three types of forms you can choose from and each of them has a unique price tag. Below is a list of the forms and their prices.

  1. University of Ibadan Postgraduate Form ( Academic Programs only): This form is available to students who are interested in academic programs only. To obtain this form, you must have nothing less than #13,000 which should be paid via the link above or through GtBank or Sky Bank’s e-channel.
  2. University of Ibadan Postgraduate Form (Professional Programs): This form is meant for applicants who are in for professional postgraduate courses/programs. This form costs nothing less than 18,000 which should be paid through the link or the aforementioned bank outlets.
  3. University of Ibadan Postgraduate Form (Masters and Postgraduate Diploma Degree): This is the last type of postgraduate form you can purchase through the link above. This one is mainly for applicants who are in pursuit of their Masters and postgraduate Diploma Degree.

It is being sold at the rate of 21,000 and you can pay using the payments method mentioned earlier.

Step-by-step Guidelines On How To Apply For UI  Postgraduate Program

It is extremely crucial you are told that applying can only be done online; hence, you should be very smart enough to prevent yourself from being scammed.

You should also be very careful not to fall into the trap of online fraudsters. Meanwhile, you are secured as long as you follow the following application process:

  • Visit this portal to obtain your application form: You must take good look at the invoice after payment to be sure all details are accurately provided in the invoice.
  • Fill Up The Form With Accurate Information: Having purchased the form, you are to take your time and fill it up with up to date information about yourself.

On no condition must you make an error while filling the application form in order to avoid unnecessary hitch in the future.

  • Download, Fill and Submit Letter Of Recommendation: You should endeavour to download your Faculty’s all-important letter of recommendation from the internet. Fill and submit as that will speed up your admission process.
  • Scan and Upload All Required Documents: You should endeavour to scan all your documents before uploading them online.

You should also email your transcripts and certificates to the school via their official email address. Once that is done, click on the ‘apply’ button and that’s all.

  • Proceed To Your Email address For Acknowledgement Slip: This is very crucial. Though your browser will tell you ‘application successful’, you have nothing to show for it until you possess your acknowledgement slip.

Therefore, it is advisable to refer to your email address to check if the school has sent an acknowledgement slip to you. The slip is to confirm your payment and also let you know that your application has been received and it’s being worked on.

UI  Postgraduate Admission Deadline Date

No specific deadline date has been set yet. However, judging by the school’s usual norms, postgraduate application process often runs from January through to April every year.


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