How To Know Original and Fake Skin Doctor Cream July 2024

In a world where there is little or no crackdown on those who counterfeit genuine product, most especially skincare products then the market is bound to be flooded with imitation, fake and substandard products.

Since the Government are doing little or nothing, it now falls on you the final consumer and the user of Skin Doctor cream to do everything within your power to be able to spot the right genuine product.

Please be informed that your beloved skin doctor cream has the fake one and it is being sold in the market right now and there is nothing anyone is doing to stop this guys from selling what could possibly be harmful to unsuspecting public.

It becomes crucial to distinguish between original skin doctor cream products and imitations.

When it comes to skincare, being able to identify the original remains key, it does not only pays off but it saves you from buying fake skin doctor cream that may not only fail to deliver the desired results but could also pose potential risks to your skin

how to know original skin doctor cream

In this article on how identity fake and original skin doctor cream , we aim to equip you with valuable insights and practical step by step tips on how to easily spot an original Skin Doctor cream that meets your skincare needs effectively.

follow the instructions on how to check the authenticity of the product using the code you get on the product. so send PIN CODE to 38353.
this is the best way to confirm if your skin Doctor cream is original or fake

other steps to identify fake skin Doctor cream

Understanding the Importance of Genuine Skincare Products:

Skincare is not merely about enhancing one’s appearance; it goes more than that as anything that benefits the skin have positive impact overall health and well-being.
as you all know original skin doctor cream cream are carefully formulated using high-quality ingredients that are beneficial to the users and before it is released for sale it undergoes rigorous testing all to ensure that your beloved skin doctor cream is not only safe but also effective on your skin whereby any adverse potential reactions that are adverse are eliminated.

Researching the Brand and Manufacturer:

Have you consider researching more about skin doctor cream? you have to do this, hear from people around you and also from online reviews. if possible get in touch with the manufacturer’s through their contact letting them know how it has become difficult in identifying genuine skin doctor. if possible they will be able to further communicate new improvements on how to detect fake in the market.

Examining Packaging and Labeling:

Authentic skincare products from reputable manufacturers like the Skin Doctor cream, do prioritize high-quality packaging and labeling.
It is your job to properly inspect this packaging to see if there is any poor job done. ensure that it is sealed. lastly you should for spelling errors or any grammatical mistakes. But if will become difficult for you to carry out all these we have stated if you don’t familiarise your self with the products.

Identifying Authorized Retailers:

Purchasing skincare products from authorized retailers actually pays because they value their line of business and will ensure they are stocking the right and genuine Skin doctor cream. unless you know how to identify the original skin doctor cream by sight untill then please do avoid purchasing from non trusted sellers.

Checking for Certification and Batch Codes:

take your time to carefully check for batch code. skin doctor cream carries certifications from most of the regulatory bodies here in Nigeria since they are mostly subjected to quality control.

skin doctor cream for fair person

you can make use of skin doctor carrot gold as this variant is known to lighten the skin.

side effect of skin doctor cream

Some of the side effects of skin doctor mostly reported is the ability of the cream to cause the skin to lose so much melanin whereby the skin becomes getting lighter and in some people they start seeing green veins.
we have seen a lot of people complaining of getting Stretched marks on their body after making use of skin doctor cream.

Does skin doctor cream bleach?

Among the ingredients used to make skin doctor are kojic acid and arbutin and this two ingredients causes excessive skin lightening and also bleaching. so yes skin doctor has the ability to make you become more fairer.

does skin doctor cream contain hydroquinone

skin doctor cream doesn’t contain hydroquinone. so feel safe and ensure that you get the original skin doctor cream


As you embark on your skincare journey, be it skin Doctor or any other product it’s essential to prioritize the authenticity of the products you choose.

Ensure you get your self fully familiarised with the product ; take a look at the packaging and also the labeling if it align with what you see online on their official page.

Remember, investing in genuine skincare products is key and it is an investment in the actual sense because this investment is in the health and vitality of your skin which is paramount.

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