How To Know Original Fair and White Cream April 2024

The skincare industry is a booming industry especially here in Nigeria ; today there is a multitude of products that promises to provide a fairer, brighter skin ton and to be honest, a handful of these creams has kept to their promises.

Among these product that does what it says is the Fair and White cream, just as the name suggests, this cream promises to enhance the complexion and because of this, it has gained popularity among Nigerians, especially among Nigerian women.Fair and White Cream

You will agree with me that the market is not without its fair share of counterfeit products, we want you to know that your beloved Fair and White cream has fallen a victim and it is now being counterfeit. this is why you should learn how to spot the fake Fair and White cream and be able to distinguish it from original.

fair and white cream is an expensive cream and if you are an average Nigerian you will agree with me on this. it will be painful coughing out this huge amount of money only to discover that the fair and white cream you have bought is fake.

In this guide ( Fair and White cream) , we will walk you through various steps that will help you determine if a particular Fair and White cream is original or fake.

By going through this article, you will be equipped with the right knowledge that will help you make the right decisions when it comes to buying of skin products. not only Fair and White cream but other products that abounds in the market.

Whether you are a long-time user of Fair and White or considering trying the cream for the first time, being able to tell which cream is original will go a long way in safeguarding you from patronising fake cream that might be harmful to your health.

Remember, identifying which cosmetic product is original or fake requires not only buying from trusted sources or big supper market but requires careful attention to every details of the brand.

So, let us delve into those things that you will see and say that this particular Fair and White cream is fake or original, helping you not to buy problems with your money.

How to know original fair and white cream

in the original one the writing on the body of the cream when you bring it out of the pack is rough. when you try feeling it with your hands, it is rough but the fake it is soo smooth which means that they just print it.

Please first follow the instructions on how to check the authenticity of the product using the code you get on the product. so send PIN CODE and send to 38353.

few steps to know fake nature secrete cream

When purchasing Fair and White cream or any other product, it’s essential to be cautious and ensure that you’re buying an authentic and original product. Here are some tips to help you identify genuine Fair and White cream:

Logo and Branding:

Check the logo, branding, and labeling of the fair and white cream you are buying for any inconsistencies. most fake products are known to have some form of irregularities but you have to pay extra attention to get the clue.

Batch Code and Expiry Date:

you can also look for the batch code and expiry date. be sure that the fair and white cream you are buying has not in anyway past it expiry date and the expiry date is not that close.

Ingredients List:

Genuine Fair and White cream will have a complete and accurate list of ingredients. so to be sure that what you are getting is original, please go over to the website and Compare the ingredients of what they have there to what you are seeing on the one you are buying.


Unrealistically low prices than what it is being sold officially might mean it is fake. compare the prices and don’t buy a skincare product because it is cheaper rather be cautious of cheap prices.

Authorized Retailers:

to minimise your chances of buying fake fair and white cream, just Purchase from trusted sellers around you or a reputable beauty stores. although you will still have to check to confirm you are buying an original.


Examine the packaging carefully. Genuine Fair and White products typically have professional and high-quality packaging.


before buying any fair and white cream you have to carry out careful research. you have to read reviews from customers or users of this cream. Read more about any known counterfeits associated with fake fair and white cream.

Seek Recommendations:

Don’t fail to ask your friends and family members around you who make use of Fair and white cream if they can help you with useful insight and personal findings and also where they use to get theirs.


Remember, counterfeit products can be harmful to your skin and health. that is why you need to pay serious attention to every details out there and if in anyway you suspect that you have ended up with a fake fair and white please just discontinue it.

Before we drop the pen, let us remind you that the fair and white cream are of two type. there is the moisturiser and there is the lightening fair and white cream. if you get the moisturiser, it won’t make you fair rather it will just bring our your original colour and that’s it.

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