How Many Children (kids) Does Davido Have?July 2024

Davido, a Nigerian music sensation and global superstar, has garnered immense fame and admiration through his captivating musical talent and charismatic personality. While he has undoubtedly made waves in the music industry, his personal life has also captured the attention of not only fans but also the mind of all Nigerians alike. This has made … Read more

Does e45 cream lighten skin? All You Should Know

you can’t get your skin lighten with e45 cream. E45 lotion doesn’t lighten the skin, you should not be worried about E45 cream lightening your skin because This particular cream is not formulated for the purpose of lightening skin rather the cream is formulated to moisturise the skin most especially dry skin. what we mean … Read more

How To Know Fake Nature Secret Cream

In the ever-expanding beauty and skincare industry right here in Nigeria, which is often bombarded with countless products promising transformative results; It is a really booming business which means Nigerians are eager to spend extra naira just to look good. and there are plenty of options to choose from and amidst this countless options of … Read more

How To Know Original & fake Bone Straight Hair

bone straight hair

Of recent, Bone straight hair has gained tremendous popularity among Nigerian women. among Nigerian women who are seeking a flawless and sleek look. All this has actually made the demand for Bone straight hair to rise, after all demand over supply seems to push price up and Nigerian women are ready to break their bank … Read more