How to Know Fake and Original Irish Gold Cream

Fake and Original Irish Gold Cream

in today’s Nigerian Market , where counterfeit products abound, it very easy to buy a fake cream if one is not vigilant and informed enough about a particular product of choice. having that eye to spot and differentiate fake from original can be your saving grace. Right now there are so many fake creams in … Read more

Does Nivea Cocoa Butter Lighten the skin

In the pursuit of a radiant and flawless skin, various types of skincare products are being patronise by Nigerians with the aim to effectively address certain skin concerns of theirs. One of such products Nigerians in their numbers have embraced with an open arm is the Nivea Cocoa Butter, a specific brand of skincare that … Read more

How To Know Original and Fake Hawaii Soap

How To Know Original and Fake Hawaii Soap

With the high demand of organic and natural skincare products among Nigerians women most especially and the lack of oversight by the regulatory body empower by the law to checkmate fake or counterfeit products; men of the underworld who specialises in counterfeiting genuine or original skincare products are on the lose. This time around they … Read more

How To Know Fake and Original Asantee Soap

right now there are various types of ashanti soap you get to see in the market and it is confusing to identify the fake from the original ashanti soap. Asantee also called Asantee Papaya Soap, is increasingly becoming popular among Nigerians possible because of powerful papaya kojic extract which is believed to helps users of … Read more