How To Know Original and Fake Hawaii Soap

With the high demand of organic and natural skincare products among Nigerians women most especially and the lack of oversight by the regulatory body empower by the law to checkmate fake or counterfeit products;

men of the underworld who specialises in counterfeiting genuine or original skincare products are on the lose. This time around they have succeeded in mass producing fake hawaii papaya soap.How To Know Original and Fake Hawaii Soap

The question now in the lips of many Nigerians is ”

  • how can i know or differentiate fake hawaii papaya soap from the original,
  • how to know original hawaii carrot soap
  • how to know original hawaii gold soap

All your questions will be well answered on this page as we give valuable insights and practical tips to help you differentiate between genuine Hawaii papaya soap from the fake ones in circulation?

you will agree with us that with the surge in the demand of Hawaii papaya soap, fake Hawaii papaya soap is bound to flooded the market, and those behind this fake product will remain innovative at making further changes in design and packaging so as to be in line with the original product,

making it more challenging for Nigerians to be able to distinguish between genuine and fake versions of Hawaii papaya soap.

If you are a die hard fan of Hawaii papaya soap, especially those who can’t do away with the product, then you have only one choice ; and the only option is to know how to identify the original product amidst the sea of imitations.

Let’s delve into the world of Hawaii papaya soap and uncover the secrets to identifying the real Hawaii papaya soap.

how to know original and fake hawaii soap

To determine whether a Hawaii soap is original or fake, you can follow these steps:

use the Smell and texture technique:

the best way to tell a fake soap from genuine ones is by how they smell. So open the package of your hawaii papaya soap and smell it and if it doesn’t have this distinct papaya fragrance then it’s likely fake.

Unusual smells that smells like some sort of chemical or not consistent with what hawaii papaya soap smells like then it’s likely fake ,

Check the packaging:

Most fake soaps out there have one or more error in the packaging that don’t seems to align with the original one. so do your best to examine hawaii soap package and check for the symbols and logo also check for errors, blurry or low-quality printing, and variations in color or design that does not align with the original soap package.

Purchasing from a reputable source is rewarding :

Buying from well known stores, like known supermarkets in town will increase your chances of buying real and original products because most of them know or have direct contact of some trusted suppliers of this product. buying creams and soap from open market or stores might end you with fake products

Reviews and reputation:

when buying from online vendors or a particular online store it is best and safe to read customer reviews. negative feedback from customers might mean that the product is fake. look for those with excellent feedback.

Brand logos and markings:

Authentic Hawaii Papaya soap should not have a logo that is different from what is being displayed on the original soap package and secondly the logo should be imprinted clearly . also pay attention to the colors.

Purchase from authorized sellers:

Whenever possible, you need to buy Hawaii Papaya soap be it in large quantities or just few please buy from from authorized sellers or contact the brand’s official website@ for direction.

buying from open market might be disastrous. but if you must buy from the open market or store just be sure that you know who you are buying from or dealing with.

At times, this criminals flooding the counterfeit products arr smart , and they always upgrade so to make the fake difficult to detect,making it look so convincing, so it’s essential to be vigilant and take these precautions when purchasing Hawaii Papaya soap or any other product.How To Know Original and Fake Hawaii Soap


In conclusion, hawaii soap is produced by Evans Industries Limited.

identifying genuine Hawaii soap can be a truly challenging task, this is due to the fact that nothing or too little is being done to track down those people behind this counterfeit products.

Our only option right now is to
pay attention to a few key factors, much of it we have already discussed here in this article.

Firstly, to avoid rewarding those who counterfeit this soap is by purchasing from reputable stores which you trust and authorized retailers around you. with this you will hardly fall pray to their antics.

Secondly, browse the pack online if you don’t have it then carefully examine the packaging of what you are buying from stores around you. check carefully at the labeling of the soap.

Thirdly, most importantly is the scent. You have to smell the one you are buying and also consider the texture.

Lastly, you have to be extra cautious of extremely low prices out there, anything below the normal price is a suspicious deals that raises a flag.

By combining these guidelines we outlined above and also going through consumers comments online, you should be good at discerning which Hawaii soap is fake or original.

Remember each time you buy fake products you end up encouraging those who engage in this act to continue

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