How To Know Fake and Original Asantee Soap

right now there are various types of ashanti soap you get to see in the market and it is confusing to identify the fake from the original ashanti soap.

Asantee also called Asantee Papaya Soap, is increasingly becoming popular among Nigerians possible because of powerful papaya kojic extract which is believed to helps users of this product easily get their skin lighten to their desired taste and also remove dark spots.

This has made the product a hot cake in the Nigerian Market, especially ASANTEE Herbal Papaya & Honey soap; almost every Nigerian who want to make their skin glow or bring out and enhance their real complexion go for this product and because of the growing popularity some men of the underworld are capitalising on this to counterfeit our favourite Asantee Papaya Soap.

And this fake asantee soap doesn’t possess what it takes to deliver on the promised results the original Asantee Papaya Soap promised to deliver and more, also the fake asantee soap are possible produced with chemicals that are harmful to the body.

In this article, we will work you through a detailed guide on how to easily identify original Asantee Papaya Soap from fake ones and we will further discuss the potential risks of using counterfeit. so are you buying any of the following :

  • ASANTEE Thai Papaya Herbal Skin
  • ASANTEE Turmeric & Ginger With Honey Soap
  • ASANTEE Herbal Papaya & Honey soap

join us let’s show you how to spot the original.

like you all know, it is very annoying to waste your hard earned money on fake soaps that won’t only fails to deliver on promises but also expose you to harmful chemicals

which might have strong skin reactions such as eczema,, pimples, rashes and breakout here and there. please don’t fall a victim. it is just like using your money to buy problem.

How To Know Fake Asantee Soap

Let’s start by trying to identify which Asantee soap is fake from the other by first looking at the pack before going further to discuss how it smells.

The fake Asantee soap is written in purple colour while the original Asantee soap is written in blue like dark blue .

What I mean here is that in the original ashanti soap the name Asantee and other stuff is written in blue but in the fake it is in another colour

another way to know the fake Asantee soap from the original is by the appearance of the soap while the fake asantee soap do appear darker; and the original Asantee soap appears lighter in colour than the fake ones .

Even the pack of the soap of the original one is lighter although those working on the imitation has started adjusting the colour to match the original one.

More also is the package. take a close look at the packet of the soap, if it is original then it should be shiny, glitters or reflective and the tiny dot design should be clearer.

You should also look at the logo or trademark on the soap and label and more also look at the production place. Asantee soap is produced in Thailand not in Nigeria or China or any other country.

Note : Does the Asantee soap you are buying have an LOT number? just check at the side of the packet of soap

Another way to identify the fake from the original which is the surest way is by sniffing or smelling the soap.

lets be Frank the shoddy packaging can be deceptive most times because this unscrupulous element are busy rebranding and making adjustments to make the package look exactly the same with the original.

So the best way to beat them in this game is by knowing the smell of the original Asantee soap first, from there you can easily tell which one is original and fake.

So bring out the soap and smell it slowly. if it is original asantee soap then it should smell nice, it should have this nice aroma or fragrance but if it is the fake one it won’t smell that nice or it might have this harsh chemical smell. some fake asantee soap in the market don’t even have any smell at all.

finally we recommend you scan the bar code to ensure that you are getting the original soap

Does Asantee soap clear pimples?

clearing pimples can vary from person to person and depends on various factors. if the root cause of the pimples is not arrested then the Asantee soap will do little at clearing your pimples.

Pimples can come as a result of hormonal imbalances, it could also be as a result of excessive oil production, clogged pores and at times it could be as a result of bacteria, and inflammation.

If the pimples is as a result of any of the above then try to address the root causes.

To some users they claimed that Asantee soap does not only clear pimples out from their skin it does other magic to their skin, it helps them get out acne from their skin, and help get that glowing body skin.

Please note that because it works for other at clearing their pimples does not mean it can clear your pimples just the way it clears your friends own.

of a truth Asantee soap are made of promising natural ingredients such as turmeric have this anti-inflammatory properties that helps remove or reduce the effects of pimples from the face.

Which of the Asantee soap is best for skin whitening?

When looking for a soap that will help lighten your skin there are ingredients which you should look for and this ingredients are kojic acid, arbutin, glutathione, vitamin C, or licorice extract.

Any soap that has this ingredients will do well or even better at lightening skin of users but the effectiveness might vary from users to users and it depends on the skin type.

Since you are interested in Asantee soap for whitening of skin, we recommend that you go for Asantee Papaya and Honey Soap variant because it does not only have this ingredients but also combines papaya extract and honey to help brighten and the skin.

with the exfoliating property of this soap, it has the ability in most people to remove dark spots and blemishes.

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