Hair style for ladies with attachment June 2024

Hair styling is an essential aspect of grooming for ladies. especially for young women who want to remain stunning and charming; without looking awkward.

Hair styling is more or less a means of expressing your personality, is a way of embolden your statement, showcasing your personal style which often help to complement your overall natural look.

Of recent there has been an ever increasing demand and also a growing popularity of wigs, weaven and extension among woman as they try to explore various styling options that are in vogue.

Attachment remains an important material that helps achieve trending hairstyle that is suitable for various kind of occasion; be it church activities, party or lit social event. They often come in different colour, texture and feel.

This article – hair style for ladies with attachment; will be exploring various hairstyle for ladies especially black women of the African world, not just Nigerian per day hence you are going to leant how to achieve that perfect design that translate into a charming look and tips on maintenance so that your hair will last longer.

are you a newbie, a hairstylist or a season seasoned attachment wearer? this article will be of interest to you.

Hair style in Nigeria

When it comes to choosing the perfect hair style that will bring out your personality, there are many options available and at times you might be confused which one of them should you go for as ladies.

Whether you are planning on going for braids, weaves, or extensions, there are many styles available and it can be tricky to settle for one that will give you what you want at the end of the day.

List OF popular hair styles in Nigeria


One popular option that is trending is the high ponytail. Do you like showing of what you have got? if displaying your long flowing locks is your thing then this is the perfect style for you.

just gently pull all the hair from face and gently pack it at the back while securing everything with a beautiful hair tie. if you worry much about the hair tie there is still a way to hide the tie with your hair.

half-up, half-down style:

If you are looking for a style that helps remove the attachment from your face then the half-up, half-down style is something you might consider.

to achieve the half-up, half-down style, you only need to gently pick the hair at the top and have them held together with either a clip or a strand of hair.

sleek updo:

this hair style gives you a more formal look. It’s for those weh sabi. going for an occasional like a wedding? no problem this hair fits in and will easily match your outfit once you gather your hair into chignon or even bun then hold it firm with bobby pins. you can add some extra beauty using classic headband or similar accessories..

No matter what your attachment style is, you definitely can’t run out of options as there are way more options in our catalogue to help you achieve gorgeous look.

so whatever style you are eyeing at the end of the day, be it sleek updo, ponytail, half-up or half-down style; with any of these styles, you’re sure to turn heads, turning yourself to center of attraction.

hair style that last longer

Knotless braids

Knotless braids is a kind of hairstyle you will like. actually this type of hairstyle is a hairstyle that fits most casual wears but that doesn’t mean that it can’t match corporate outfit.
when it comes to how long Knotless braids should last , well anything from 2 to 3 weeks you can carry it on your head without it looking like you have made it for ages.
you might ask “how many packs? you need at least 4 packs of braiding hair on hand, and if you want longer braids, you might need 5-7 packs

Butterfly Braids:

Another name for butterfly braids is Ghana braids or cornrow braids. it is very popular amongst Nigerian women, not only Nigerian women per say but the whole Africa and African American women. The butterfly braids is characterized by tight braids, small. all this are neatly arranged which then resembles butterfly wings

Twists braid:

This type of stylish hair can still be called rope braid or two-strand twist and it gives this elegant look. To achieve this style you got to just twist two strands of hair together to create a rope-like effect.

Bantu Knots:

Although originated from the Bantu-speaking people of Southern Africa, the Bantu Knots is increasingly becoming popular. All you do here to achieve a stunning hairstyle on Bantu Knots is to gently section the hair into small sections then you have to twist the hair in section tightly into small knots or buns

Box Braids:

Although the Bix Braid is an African sort of style, it is becoming popular globally. To achieve this hairstyle, you got to just simply section the hair to make it have a square-shaped, then you braid. the length and thickness of Box Braids is by personal preference.

Ghana Braids:

Just like the name suggests, Ghana braid is a stylish hair style that comes from Ghana. you can make this type of hair either with an hair extensions or natural hair, any can go. also you can cruise this hairstyle with various options such as curved,
straight back, or zigzag designs.

There are many attachment hairstyles for ladies. Some popular ones include Knotless Braids, Butterfly Braids, Twists, Bantu Knots, Box Braids, Ghana Braids, Inverted Cornrows, Cornrow Braids, Stitch Braids, and Shuku (source: SvelteMag).

hair style for ladies with attachment FAQ

What kind of braids are in style June 2024?

Which attachment is best for knotless braids?

Well, when it comes to knotless braids you can make use of any brand of attachments from Freetress, X-pression, and RastAfri etc.

All of them will still give u what you want at the end of the day. so it all boils down on your preference. but in all just ensure you stick to a high-quality hair extensions. with just 5-7 packs of X-pression ,Freetress you are good to go.

Which braids make you look younger?

To look younger and pretty charming you should go for a braided hairstyles. looking 16 when you are 40plus is still achievable with braided hairstyles and it can actually be style in several ways. lastly who does the braiding for you matters a lot, so look for a professional who knows how to bring out the best in your look.

Which braids last the longest?

Box braids and Senegalese twists, Ghana braids and cornrows are 4 types of braids we have seen people talk about and from experience I can say- yes it last and also recommend you to try any of this.

from experience the Box braids and Senegalese twists can last anytime from 5 to 8 weeks and still look new and with proper maintenance it can last even longer. while the Ghana braid can last over 2 months under Good maintenance.

In all you, it is advisable that you try your best to keep your braids clean, moisturised, this will help it to last longer.

What braids to avoid?

you need to avoid any hairstyle that is likely to cause you scalp issues. most especially when it is so much tight. example are tight ponytails or braids, all this can affect your hair and there are chances it might lead to hair loss.
So we advise you to stay away from any tight hairstyles because they are likely to cause some sort of tension most especially to the scalp and hair.

What braids grow hair faster?

There is a common misconception that braids can make hair grow faster. there is no scientific prove that says braid can actually makes your hair grow longer. although there is a possibility that braid can at most help your hair retain it length. the very reason to this is that you don’t disturb their hair with comb or brush on daily basis.

What braids don’t damage your hair?

actually there are some braid that can cause lot of trouble to your hair and there are some that won’t cause, although all this depends on how tight the hair is, that is why you ought to be mindful on how tight the braid is so as not to cause damage to your hair.

another thing you need to be mindful of is the products you patronize. what products are you applying on your hair? always ensure that you get the right style and size of braids so as to maintain the quality and overall health of your hair

the question in your mind right now will be ” what braids that don’t damage hair?”
Tree braids is known to cause little damage, the reason for picking this hairstyle is because no heat or chemicals are applied to the hair,and all of the natural hair is braided in while only extension hair is left out to allow the hair to breathe and grow.

which hairstyle last longer

The hairstyle that lasts the longest will depend on your hair type, length, and desired look. However, some of the longest-lasting hairstyles include:

Braids: Braids are known to last longer, in fact it can last for several weeks and on the other side Braids are known to protect your hair from damage and also helps to achieve neat and tidy hairstyle.

Twists: Twists is another hairstyle you should flex because it helps protect your hair while at the same time it helps you achieve a stylish look. with proper care, Twist should last few weeks or even months. They can be worn in a variety of styles.

Locks: Locks are a natural hairstyle that will give you a great outlook although it need proper maintenance and if taken care of it can last for months. Locks could actually help protect your hair from damage.

Updos: Updos is another friendly hairstyle that can last for few weeks, you can attend special occasion with this hairstyle on and also fix it for everyday outing.

Note: No matter what hairstyle you choose to rock, what matters the most and what determine how long the hair will last is the care and maintenance your hair receives.
ensure that where it is necessary to wash, you wash regularly, also if it needs regular conditioning and styling you should,.

Here are some additional tips for making your hairstyle last longer:

  • I will like you to only use a good and quality shampoo, conditioner. both should be of great quality.
  • after you must have washed your hair, you have to apply a leave-in conditioner or hair oil.
  • another tips we have is : Protect your hair from heat styling.
  • anytime you are under the sun always Wear a hat or scarf .
  • Finally you should Get regular trims.

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