Modern Rolling Gate Design in Nigeria April 2024

you must have seen lots of rolling gate in their various designs. there are various reasons why you should go for a rolling. in fact the advantage of rolling gate makes is a number one choice for homeowners.
you must have seen a rolling gate with locking mechanisms, sensors, and alarms etc. all this are installed to ensure or further boost overall security level.

for clarity purposes, let us throw more light;
Rolling gate refers to a type of gate that rolls open and closed on a track.
rolling gate are mostly installed for various reasons such for security reasons and space in both commercial and industrial settings.

Rolling Gate design in Nigeria

rolling gate design in nigeria

modern gate design in nigeria

Estate Entrance gate design

Rolling gates are becoming popular in Nigeria and most homeowners and properties owners are going for rolling because they provide a high level of security and are also durable, and not difficult to operate.

places you will get to see rolling gate in place are mostly factories, warehouses, and parking garages etc.

various materials are used to construct Rolling gates of various designs, this material could be: aluminum, steel, and vinyl.

Rolling gate can actually be designed to be operated manually or designed with an automatic opener.

One of the main advantages of a rolling gate and why most property owners prefer it is because it helps saves lot of space. so if you are building and you run out of space for swing gate then your best alternative should be rolling gate because you don’t necessarily need additional space to swing open

you can get rolling gate with different types of styles and colors to better match the aesthetic of the surrounding environment.

factors that influences rollin gate design in Nigeria

Rolling gates no doubt are a popular choice when it comes to security and privacy in residential and commercial properties alike. Here are some key design considerations for a rolling gate:

Size and Shape:

The size and shape of the rolling gate is an important factor to put in consideration. in fact, the designed of the rolling gate should be able to fit the specific location and function.

Just for an example, a small residential rolling gate that are meant for only residential area can be designed in a such a way that it perfectly fits a standard driveway as against a rolling gate that will be deployed for commercial purposes which usually have this custom design,shape and size to perfectly fit where it will be installed.


The materials use to make Rolling gates could be from anything like steel, aluminium, to vinyl and wood. the materials of choice can be influenced by your budget or finance at your disposal. Another factor that could influence your choice of materials can be additional security, aesthetic appeal and durability.

Operating Mechanism:

Rolling gates could be manual or automatic which means it could be be operated manually or automatically with other security features added.

Personally, I prefer an automatic gates that one can operate with just a single press from a remote controls, keypads, or sensors as opposed with manual rolling gate that requires a great deal (physical effort) to get it opened.

Security Features:

One of the reason most owners installed Rolling gates is because of a more better security it guarantees. to better enhance it security features it is best to install locking mechanisms, sensors, and alarms all this will help to further boost overall security.


Rolling gates can be designed to complement the style and architecture of the surrounding property. Design elements such as color, pattern, and texture can be used to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the gate.


without regular maintenance, Rolling gates won’t function for long. so to ensure they remain in good working condition one must maintain it, check against rust, apply necessary oil for lubrication where necessary.

Types of Rolling Gates in Nigeria

Track Rolling Gates:

You must have seen this a lot. Well this has to do with a rolling gate that uses a wheels or rollers installed or attached as it’s leg to only moves on track.

the wheels or rollers which should be lubricated periodically allows for smooth opening.
Track rolling gates can be safely installed in homes and commercial property.

Cantilever Rolling Gates:

this kind of gate are better suited for closing larger area. and it requires a large space so that it can be open freely. while opening, it does not slid along a track rather it is supported by rollers that are tucked behind the fence and remains suspended when opening and closing.

Telescopic Rolling Gates:

the primary aim of this gate is to occupy a very tiny space most especially by opening, by having 2 leaves simultaneously working together.

Designer rolling Gates:

This is a stylish sort of rolling gate. it is luxurious all round. as the name implies, it is a rolling gate that comes with a designer touch and the material that better suits this type of gate is mostly Aluminium.

Rolling Main Gate Design:

this gate can be made using wood or metal. This design is unique and can be a creative main gate for your home. It is a combination of smooth wood used with metal to create a rolling gate. This can make the gate last longer.

Automatic Rolling Gate Designs:

Automated rolling gates are mostly seen in highbrow area. in fact it is now becoming popular amongst the rich. but one problem here is that Nigeria don’t have steady power supply and you will rely on generating set.

Steel Rolling Gate:

this are gate that are made with stainless steel. they are expensive but they last longer because steel are super resistant to rust.

Sliding Iron Gate Design:

when looking for a solid gate that is made of iron then you should count on Sliding iron rolling Gates. Apart from being luxurious and unique and has both design that display every time the gate is opened and closed.

MS Rolling Gate Design:

MS means “Motorized”. This gate is powered by a motor, simply put it is an automatic gate system designed to protect against unauthorised access. The MS Rolling Gate can actually be customized to any style that you want.

Rolling Fence Gate:

with this gate you can be rest assured that your home is well protected when installation is completed. A rolling fence gate protects your home from unauthorized access from unwanted guest.

Commercial Rolling Gate Designs:

with a commercial rolling gate you can restrict movement of people, vehicles in and out of a public space. you can use this gate to prevent unauthorised parking of cars on your property.

Wooden rolling outing Gate:

This is a sort of wooden gate attached with a roller to allow it freely roll over.

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