Modern Dining Table Design in Nigeria July 2024

As you all know, a well-designed table reflects the personality and taste of the homeowner.

There are various types of dining table that ranges from expandable dining table, to a dining table that has storage space functionality.

Having a hard time picking the perfect dining table that suits your need and personality? here are various dining table options, you can pick from,
especially If you feel that finding a perfect table is a daunting task, worry less, with this article it should rather be an exciting adventure.

Dining table design in Nigeria

Dining table plays a crucial role in our home, it helps creat that fascinating and enjoyable and unforgettable mealtime experiences with our love ones.

Apart from serving as a a gathering spot for family and friends, dining tables actually helps set the tone and add a decor to your room and with a plethora of innovative designs you will get to see in a typical Nigerian market, honestly it will be challenging picking or choosing that very perfect table that suits and meet your needs.

When it comes to finding the right dining table, finding the right balance between functionality and aesthetics is essential and that is why we have put down this article to help guide you through.

We are going to help you with some key elements and design, you should stick to while sourcing for a idea dining table. now some of the key elements to consider or have in mind is the design and choice of the dining chairs, the size of the room, you should also take in to consideration the design and style of the dining area.

As we dive in, showing you various design of dining tables, please have it in mind that there is no perfect choice of dining table for everyone rather the perfect dining table actually depends on individual choices, needs and preferences.

But which ever you decides to settles on, it is advisable you consider the material that was incorporated together before it was transformed into a visually appealing dining table

Materials and Finishes

Wood dining table :

wooden materials remains a popular choice of material for various types and designs of dining table. the wood is often gotten from either walnut, teak , maple,mahogany and oak and all this woods have their own appeal and are very suitable in making dining table of various design, hence making it easier to complement furniture and different interior design.

There are about 4 types of wood finishing that are widely available out there, so let’s list them below:


this is a little transparent, but boast of a hard and protective layer that enhances the beauty and appeal of your home


this oil easily Penetrates the wood, giving enhancing its natural color


if you are looking for a better alternative to oil then go for wax because it ensures that you have a soft, smooth finish, that dies better at re resisting wear than oil finishes


Adds color to the wood and provides some degree of protection

Metal dining table :

metal dining table has a different appeal, in fact metal dining table gives this sleek look you won’t find with wooden dining table.

Though most metal dining table are lighter than wood, they promise a sturdy and durable features. there are various kind of metal to pick from, example are Aluminum, steel and wrought iron

Finishes for metal tables include:

  • Brushed: A satin-like finish created by rubbing the metal surface with abrasive materials
  • Polished: A shiny, mirror-like finish resulting from buffing
  • Powder-coated: A durable, corrosion-resistant finish applied in a dry form and baked onto the metal surface

Glass dining table

Glass dining tables, wow!! this is for me, I truly love this type of dining table because you won’t run around struggling to remove stains. if you are afraid or thought it will break easily then you should go for tempered glass. it is very strong and offers a tougher resistance to breakage.

Common finishes for glass tables are:

  • Clear: Transparent and classic
  • Tinted: Colors to complement various styles
  • Frosted: Provides a more textured and opaque look

Stone dining table

We have the stone dining table, they are a little expensive because they are made with precious stone like granite, marble, soapstone and travertine.
Apart from being too pricy, the stone dining table is very bulky and it’s something you will need extra hands to move.

finishes that goes with stone dining table :

  • Polished: A high-gloss, reflective surface
  • Honed: A smooth but less shiny finish.
  • Leathered: A textured finish that highlights the natural characteristics of the stone

Factors to Consider in Choosing a Dining Table

Size of the dining table:

you have to consider the size of the dining table. ensure that it has enough seat that meets your family needs.

Material of the table:

The material of a dining matters. what makes a good dining table is that it should be durable and meet your taste. if you have little kids around then you can go for wooden dining table.

style of the table:

the style of the dining table should complement other furniture in the house or sitting room. if you have a large family then you should go for a dining table that can easily contain a large group of people like the oblong dining table.

space available:

You need to consider the space or available space you have in your home. the dining table shouldn’t cover the whole area

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