Flat Roof Design in Nigeria July 2024

Of recent there seems to be an increasing demand for modern and stylish buildings. most new home owners are now shifting from the traditional roof design and are now settling for flat roof designs which seems to have won the heart of most Nigerians.

This could be attributed to either due to their low cost when compared to other types of roofing design, ability to last a taste of time or an ease of installation.

flat roof designs, which are Known for their sleek appearance and minimalist appeal has truly come to stay and due to it numerous benefits, owning to the fact that Nigeria lies in the tropical region and its pattern of heavy rainfall gives the flat roof design an advantage and ability to withstand any pressure nature throws at it .

flat roof design seems to be more versatile and it is known to give more room to more functionality. take for an example, the flat roof design provides extra outdoor space where owners can easily install or mount their solar panels of various kinds.

flat roof bungalow designs in nigeria

What are the advantages of flat roofing style in Nigeria?

Here are some potential advantages of flat roofing style in Nigeria:


Flat roofing is undoubtedly far less expensive. you don’t need much wood work, and installation not only less expensive but easier. so if you want to cut down on cost while you channel your funds to elsewhere then you need to go for a flat roofing design.


depending on the material used to construct the roofing, Flat roofs can serves a variety of purpose such as, installations of solar panels, garden, etc


flat roof are not sloppy rather they are just flat just as the name suggest hence it is very easy to access and you will better appreciate it when it’s time to fix one or two issues.


Flat roofs take up less and less space equal to lesser materials.


As long as the flat roof is well or properly installed by professionals you have no worries as it can last for a very long time.

Lastly flat roof design is easier to clean. you don’t need a professional to do this as you can clean the surface area yourself especially if this is a bungalow.

What is the disadvantage of flat roof?

Some disadvantages of flat roofs include:

Poor drainage:

a typical flat roof don’t have enough space, this gives room for water to logged easily leading to leaks and further damage.

Shorter lifespan:

when it comes to lifespan between flat roof and other kind of roofing, you will agree with me that flat roof get damaged easily because of the inability to drain water like sloped roof.

Limited insulation:

when it comes to heating flat roof design are difficult to insulate properly. leaving you with more heat to content with.

Susceptibility to damage:

Flat roofs are more vulnerable to damage, especially from debris which tends to easily settles on the roof easily.

Increased risk of leaks:

this is one of the reasons why some Nigerian are not too comfortable with this pattern of roofing. as you know, there is lack of slop and this encourages standing water.

Maintenance issues:

since they are more prone to leakage then it means you will have to budget more money for continuous repair.

Is flat roof good in Nigeria?

roofing your house with a flat roof design right here in Nigeria won’t be a problem as long as you follow expert recommendations or you get them involved in the process.

Ensure that you make room for proper waterproofing and drainage; most especially if your location is in the southern part of Nigeria that experience much rain fall.

One of the problem of flat roof design is it low slop design and this does not help for instant water flow, so to avoid leakage please do your best so that the angle of tilt should not be less than 5 degrees to avoid leaks.

How long does a flat roof last?

The life span of a flat roof design in Nigeria will remain without having any issues from 10 to 40 years. Actually the lifespan of an average flat roof or how long it should last greatly depending on the type of material used to construct it, when the materials is up to the require standard then be rest assured it will last from 10 to 40 year.

Another factor that influences how long a flat roof will last is how often it is maintained and lastly if it was installed properly by professionals.

Are flat roofs worth it?

Since flat roof design is a cheaper option, plus it great sleek design or and look and it numerous advantages it offers to builder i guess yes, flat roof actually worth it especially if you are resident in Northern part of Nigeria.

What is the purpose of a flat roof?

One of the primary reason most flat roof is becoming increasingly popular amongst Nigerian homeowners is because of it cost, its quite cheaper than slop design and often offers a unique exterior outlet

what type of roof is best for a flat roof

The best roof for flat roof design is Rubber roofs often called EPDM Roofs which is a synthetic rubber.

This flat roofing material or sheet is specially designed for project like this. it has a lifespan of 50 or even more. it ability to withstand heat, wind and rain makes it an idea choice for flat roofing.

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