Center Table Design in Nigeria April 2024

Center table plays a significant role in enhancing the aesthetic value of our sitting room while providing additional beauty, storage space and functionality.

Center tables often go hand-in-hand with sofas and other living room furniture. center table helps to add decor to your room and also helps to enhancing the beauty of your sitting room.
This is why you should spend time deciding the particular type, design and style of a center table so that you don’t end up messing up the design of your room or make it look awkward.

Center table design in Nigeria

A center table is classify as a furniture, in fact it is a type of furniture that we usually placed in the center of our living room or sitting area . A center table is often use to temporarily hold various items, this items could be food, drinks remote control or even books.

Center tables, plays a significant role in a sitting room and they often comes in various sizes, styles, shapes and all this are based on our needs and choice or preferences.

Center table could be made of various types of materials. center table could be made of either wood which is the most popular of them all, to metal, marble and glass.

Today, center tables are often equipped with various gadgets like speakers, to even fridges and some comes with built-in features like speakers, outlets, and LED lights that makes it more charming.

When we speak of modern center tables, we are referring to center tables that boast of sleek lines and supper appealing.
most of modern center tables are designed to have Lots of storage underneath and comes with various colours combine, while some are so appealing when it comes with multiple layers which helps achieve a distinct look.

what to consider when buying a center table

When buying a center table, there are several factors to consider.

Size of the center table :

You should check the size of the center table because size do matter, you will like a center table that will be very easy for you to move around. Or at least do it this way ; ensure that the center table you are going for is perfectly proportional to the size of the furniture and also the size of the sitting room.

The material :

Will the material used to construct the center last? and is it durable? there are various materials used to make center table right now and they range from wood to glass, marble metal frames to even fibreboard. so don’t go for cheap materials rather go for one that is made with what will last.

style of the center table:

you should spend more time choosing or sourcing for a center table design that complement the overall design of your sitting room.


also consider the functionality of the center table. I will suggest you go for a center table that will meet your needs at the end of the day

What is the standard size of center table?

the standard size of a center table will depend on the size of the sitting room, individual preference, but a typical size, hight of a center table; are usually 18inch high 28 inches wide, and 48inch long. always have it in mind that there is no such thing like standard size when it comes to center table.

Again, the distance of a center table from other furniture should not be that much, it should be 18 inches. it shouldn’t be large than other furniture in the room. lastly a center table should be able to hold items such as coffee mugs to laptops which are everyday objects.

Note : there is no official standard size for center table. so while going for a center table just take note of the size of your room first, then take note of the size of other furniture before deciding the size of center table you want, All this helps to add some glam to your living room.

center table design FAQ

What do you put on top of a center table?

The list of What to put on your center table are endless, in fact what to put depends on your personal choice, it also depends on the size and weight of the items. whatever you choose to put on your dining table. please do consider the weight of the items most especially when the center table is made of glass.

There are many things or items that you can place or put on top of your center table and this items could be some few books, sculptures, candlesticks to even bowls and vases etc.

Should center table be higher than sofa?

I won’t recommend for a center table to be higher than the sofa because if it is higher than the sofa it won’t be comfortable or it hight will be much for people sitting on the cushion to easily reach to. so just get a center table that is little lower or at the same hight with your sofa, at the end of the day no one will have problem reaching out to items on the table while sitting down.

Why put a table behind sofa?

Most people prefer to put a center table behind a sofa instead at the center of the sitting room for various reasons. one of the reasons might be lack of space, probably the space in the sitting room is not much.
another reason is to provide extra storage space where one can easily keep items like magazines or books, hence center table helps declutter the sitting room.

Can you put a table between sofa and wall?

Yes, you can put a sofa table between a sofa and a wall,there is nothing wrong with that. actually a wall table do help to declutter the sitting room and also help protect your wall by preventing your sofa from causing damage to the wall paint.

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