3 Bedroom Flat design in Nigeria May 2024

A 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria typically has like three separate bedrooms and also has a living room, a kitchen, and should have one or more bathroom.
when it comes to the size and layout of the living room, bedroom and also the kitchen all this can be influenced by various factors.

A 3 bedroom flats like we said should have 3 bedrooms and this bedroom are expected to have space that can accommodate a bed, a desk or any other furniture and it could have a dresser.

Again, depending on choice, some 3 bedroom flat have what they called the master bedroom and this master bedroom are equipped with an en-suite bathroom.

The living room of a master bedroom are large in fact they are the largest living space. they ideally have space that is wide enough to accommodate not only sofa but also dining table and armchairs.

the kitchen of a three bedroom flat should boast of some basic appliances. this appliance can be gas cooker /stove for cooking,counter space, refrigerator, shelf/cabinets, and a good plumbing system to convey water or kitchen waste out.
depending on your choice, there is nothing bad if it should have a dishwasher.

the bathroom of a 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria should or anywhere else do have a full bath or a half bath. most modern 3 bedroom flats could have a visitors bathroom and a bathroom for each bathroom.

Overall, a 3 bedroom flat provides enough space for a small family or a group of roommates to comfortably live together.

Contemporary 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria

3 bedroom flat plan

When designing a 3 bedroom flat, it’s important to consider the size and layout of the space, as well as the needs of the occupants. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

A typical 3-bedroom flat plan usually includes:


this is an entry way or just a walk way that provides access into a hallway and this hallway often leads to various rooms of the 3 bedroom flat.

Living room:

The living room is one of the most important room and it is a must have. it is the largest room and it serves as an area for relaxing, socializing, and entertainment.

some other features of a living room in a 3 bedroom flat is balcony, windows and this window might be large.
It may have a large window, balcony that let’s in natural light, or patio that lets in natural light.


The kitchen should have important features that includes cabinets for storage, it should have a sink that carries kitchen waste outside,cooking equipment etc. there are some kitchen that have a space for breakfast nook.

Master bedroom:

The master bedroom is often larger than other rooms and it is important to have it separate bathroom but it is not a must. there are some master room that boast of it own kitchen


it is important for you to consider making provision for a place to store items so that everywhere will be well arranged. this is where you should have an built-in wardrobes, shelves, and cabinets to make everything easy and possible to arrange or just to maximize storage space.

Balcony or outdoor space:

To me, i consider balcony a must which should just be an outdoor space where families, friends and visitors Could relax and enjoy a cool evening especially when the weather is hot.

These are just a few considerations when designing a 3 bedroom flat. Ultimately, the design should meet the needs and preferences of the occupants, while also being functional and aesthetically pleasing.

3 bedroom flat plan drawing in nigeria

3 bedroom flat in Nigeria FAQ

What is the standard 3 bedroom flat size?

The size of a standard 3 bedroom flat can be influenced by certain factors. it can be influenced by the location of the building, and also by the size of the land, building regulations.

So in Nigeria a typical 3 bedroom flat usually have a floor area of anything from 90 square meters (969 square feet) to 120 square meters (1,292 square feet).

Please remember that there is no fixed or “standard” size when it comes to erecting a 3 bedroom flat. it’s all based on individual choices, finance available and some other factors.

How many bags of cement can build 3 bedroom flat?

It is important to know the number of blocks that will be enough to build a 3 bedroom flats in Nigeria. this will guide you on how to plan your finances as you plan ahead on how to actualise your dream of owning a home.
well, keep in mind that a total block of 3000 blocks will be enough to build a typical 3 bedroom flats in Nigeria.

So let’s assume that 3000 blocks will be enough then a bag of cement should be able to lay 45 blocks but if you want the blocks to be stronger then you consider making it 40. but for this post we are going to stick to 45 blocks.
so it will take you 66 bags of cement to lay 3000 blocks that are needed to construct a 3 bedroom flat. please note that blocks for fence are not included.

then you should need like an extra 30 bags to lay this blocks. “you might ask 30 bags? ” yes 30 bags ; depending on the design of the house an extra 30 bags is just needed to lay this blocks or mortar that will lay all the blocks. depending on the design of the house, you should make provision for cement that will be use for casting the windows and for the pillars.

Note : remember that you can buy an already moulded blocks from block industries you might find around. but if you choose to mould your self you should make provision for about 6 trip of sand and also stones or gravel for the pillars.

How many blocks do I need for a 3 bedroom flat in Nigeria?

you should need about 3000 blocks to build a simple 3 bedroom flats although this could be more than 3000 if the sizes of the rooms are extra large. you need to put into consideration that 10 to 20 % of the blocks might be wasted. so make an extra provision for that.

How many blocks can 1 bag of cement lay?

For the building and blocks to be solid enough you need to make it 45 per bag of cement. some are making it 35 but i still consider that a waste rather i will prefer using piller to solidify the building rather.

when it comes to blocks that is use to make soak-away, then that’s a different ball game because you have to make the block stronger hence it should be 30 blocks per bag.

How many plot of land can build a 3 bedroom flat?

A plot of land will be enough to contain a 3 bedroom flat and after that you should have a space for parking of car. and also a place for soak away/septic tank

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