How to Know Fake and Original Irish Gold Cream

in today’s Nigerian Market , where counterfeit products abound, it very easy to buy a fake cream if one is not vigilant and informed enough about a particular product of choice.

having that eye to spot and differentiate fake from original can be your saving grace.

Right now there are so many fake creams in the market and popular stores are often stocked with this fake product; Among these products that are being counterfeited is the Irish Gold Cream, which is known for it nourishing and moisturising properties.Fake and Original Irish Gold Cream

Of recent , the market has been flooded with various kind of counterfeit versions of this prestigious skin care product known as irish gold cream , and this has made it harder and challenging for Nigerians to tell which one is fake and which is original.

To ensure that you are investing your hard earned Naira on the right skincare product and not falling victim in buying fake Irish Gold Cream, it is best you get full knowledge of what you are buying and also know the signs of counterfeit products.

This article on how to know fake irish gold cream, aims to give you valuable insights that will safeguard you from buying fake Irish Gold Cream that is being flooded in the market.

how to know fake and original irish gold cream

To determine whether a product claiming to be “Irish Gold Cream” is fake or genuine, you can follow these steps:

Check the packaging:

One easier way to tell if an irish gold cream is fake is by examining the package or container of the product. there muse be a different somewhere mostly in the colour, the logo and designs.

Counterfeit products often have subtle discrepancies.
while the original irish gold cream has a white design on the side but if you check the fake you won’t find this

Verify the labeling:

In Genuine irish gold cream, it producer did a greater job at the labeling which is accurate and professional in all round while the fake are hurriedly designed.

if you are careful on the spelling you might notice errors in spelling on the fake irish gold cream and also there might be inconsistent information on the packaging.

other details you ought to check is the contact information, the expiry date, where it is produced.

Authenticate the logo and trademarks:

Carefully check the trade mark of the soap and checking the logo also is important. now does it match with the official ones you find online or on genuine irish gold cream you previously bought? because fake irish gold cream have this poorly reproduced or altered logos at times.

Analyze the price and seller:

Is the price of the irish gold cream you are buying in anyway cheaper than what it is originally being sold?

most times this fake product are sold a little way cheaper than the original ones, just to lure customers to buy it . Don’t buy from any seller you have not yet verified if he or she sells original products.

Consider the consistency and smell:

Original irish gold cream have this sort of consistent in textures and scents. so just smell it and see if it smell nice like the ones you have previously bought before that seems original. But if it doesn’t have that smell, chances are that it is fake irish gold cream

Seek customer reviews and feedback:

In order to keep you updated on how to identify fake irish gold cream, it is best you periodically check online reviews or testimonials from Nigerians who makes use of irish gold cream, they might provide additional tips and insights on how they discovered that the product they are using are fake or original.

contact the manufacturer:

you can still choose to mail the manufacturer of irish gold cream, tell them about your experience and how their products are being counterfeited right here in Nigeria.

they will gladly provide guidance and assistance on how to verify a fake irish gold cream from original. or they might even go further to put additional features that will make it difficult to counterfeit.

Research more on the product:

Look for further information about original Irish Gold Cream and additional information about its manufacturer.

check the website, use any of their contact details to get to the officials. They might give you more information on packaging, labeling, and ingredients that you might use to authenticate their products in the market.

Fake and Original Irish Gold Cream

which irish gold cream is best for fair skin

when it comes to selecting irish gold cream or any other skincare products this include all kind of cream you think specially for fair skin, it’s essential to consider a few factors like the ones below:

  • Sun Protection: the cream should offer some protection against harmful UV rays,so the cream should contain broad-spectrum SPF protection of 30 or above.
  • Ingredients: the cream should contain important ingredients like vitamins C, or even green tea extract . all this are important ingredients that help protect our delicate skin from damaged
  • Moisturizing Properties: at times fair skin can become dry or become prone to dryness so in such a case creams that helps in hydration is preferable as this helps to moisture balance

you can try irish gold body lotion brightening lotion for your fair skin

does irish gold cream bleach

Irish gold cream does not bleach as they cream does not contain any bleaching ingredients.

does irish gold cream contain hydroquinone:

going through the product you will discover that irish gold cream does not contain hydroquinone.

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