How To Know Fake and Original Nano Extra White Soap

Nano Extra White Soap is a skincare product formulated in the Philippines but through out the years nano extra white soap has gained popularity in Nigeria for its skin whitening effects.

But there seems to be a problem right now ; because of the general acceptance of this of this soap amongst Nigerians, there seems to be fake Nano Extra White Soap circulating in the market.

in fact, this Fake Nano Extra White Soap has become a common problem in the market today. it is quite painful to use your hard earned naira to buy a problem; because the Fake Nano Extra White Soap is as fake as anything and its either it causes adverse effects or it doesn’t just work anything because it is made with substandard ingredients.

Honestly with the ever growing demand, and the inability of Nigerians to be able to differential between fake and original fake Nano Extra White Soap, unscrupulous manufacturers are not giving up as they are now making changes to it, especially in the appearance of the pack just fool the general public.

This is why you should do everything within your power to know how to spot the fake and original Nano Extra White Soap through our helpful guide on this article to avoid being scammed.

How to know Original Nano Extra White Soap

To determine if a Nano Extra White soap is fake or genuine, you can follow these guidelines:

check the colour appearance

the original soap is darker while the fake one is lighter in colour. and more also the softness in the original one is usually noticeable. just press it and confirm.

Smell and texture:

genuine Nano Extra White soap smell nice and cool. it have this papaya fragrance and also the texture of the soap can also tell if its fake.

Be aware that fake Nano Extra White soap are known to have different scent and the fragrance used to be so strong.

Packaging and labeling:

the first area to look at, that will tell you if a product like Nano Extra white soap is fake or not is the packaging, so you have to examine it very well.

But this people that produce fake soaps are soo brilliant at what they do. what you should do is to pay attention to the labeling, logo, colour and writeup for any signs of discrepancies.

also pour some water on the Nona soap extra or soak it in water and see if the droplet is yellowish.

Price and discounts:

Fake Nano Extra White soap are usually sold at a price below market price. so any price below official market price seems too good to be true.

So watch out for all those fraudulent and Unrealistically high discounts or promotions that are used to lure unsuspected buyers.

Purchase from reputable sources:

Buying the Nano Extra White soap from trusted and authorized sellers will safe you from buying fake that have been flooded into the market

Research and reviews:

To remain updated you have to keep reading comments about the products. Be aware that those who fake this product used to make modifications when they suspect that the general public are becoming aware and are able to differentiate between fake and original.

Verify with the manufacturer:

Try and get in touch with the manufacturer through the available channels made available on the package of Nano Extra White soap, share your findings with them and let them help you with latest improvements to be able to tell fake from original from their latest security features.

security features:

there are some key security features that are added frequently. please keep in touch with the manufacturer to be sure which features they have added or removed.

Remember, counterfeit Nano Extra White soap can either react negatively to your skin or don’t just produce any result at all because it’s just bar soap you are using with just colour and some scent infused into it.

picture of original nano extra white soap

just open the soap, and press it a little and it is soft then its likely original but if it is hard it is likely fake.

secondly, the scent of the original one should be smelling like papaya and should have this sweat fragrance.

when you soak the original one in water it drips out red liquid while the fake one doesn’t drip anything and most fake often leaves white substance on your body.

Note : Most people feel little burning sensation on their body when they use the original one. but we won’t base our findings on this for now because everybody doesn’t have same skin type or reaction.

previous findings:

Please note that this feature might he copied by those who fake the product.

When you take a look at the write up most especially at the side just as it appears on the picture.

(attach pic)

you will see that on the original the writeups are in purple while the fake is in blue.

If you take out the soap from the pack you will see that the original one, the soap appear dark orange whole the fake it is light orange

(attach pic)

Is nano Extra white a bleaching soap?

Glutathione has been associated with skin brightening effects and nano extra white soap has this ingredient and it is displayed on the pack of the soap.

The glutathione that you get to see as one of the ingredients of nano extra white soap tells that it can bleach or let’s put it this way ; rather it can whiten your skin


This soap is meant for oily skin as it helps to reduce oil on the skin. this means that if you happen to have a dry skin this soap won’t be suitable for you as it will even dry your skin the more. But If you must use it then you should combine it with a moisturising cream.

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