POS Banner Design In Nigeria June 2024

you want to open a pos business point of sale and you are searching for POS banner or you want to replace your existing POS banner?

We understand why you are here. you see, business is all about packaging and a well designed POS banner will surely help drive sales because the banner will easily grab the attention of customers even from a distance.

When designing a POS banner, be it moniepoint, palmpay, firstmonie, opay POS banner, there are actually few things we will like you to keep in mind.

First, whoever is designing your banner for you, ensure you choose an eye-catching banner.

the banner’s should be bright in every aspect, to achieve this you are to use friendly, bright colours combination, the fonts of the text should be bold and lastly the graphic should be eye catching. This is the only way it can grasp the attention of customers.

Tips For Designing POS Banner In Nigeria

Here are some usual tips that will help you get an eye

catching POS banners:

high-quality images is essential: it is proven that people are easily drawn to banners that are produced with images and graphics that are well printed using high-quality images.

concise text but on point :

Nigerians don’t have the habit of reading long text. since most people that will read the text on the banner might be on motion, it is best you make the text as short as possible but at keythe same time the massage should not only be concise but clear

Use call-to-action buttons:

let people know what you deal on, like make withdrawal, make deposits, make transfers, open an account etc and this should be bold.

There shouldn’t be colour rioting:

so make use of colour combination that won’t be a pain to the eye

with the above tips, you can create your moniepoint, palmpay, firstmonie, opay POS banners that will help you achieve your withdrawal and deposit daily targets.

POS Banner Design In Nigeria

A POS banner is a large, eye-catching graphic that is used to promote moniepoint, palmpay, firstmonie etc POS business.

POS banner can be positioned at strategic area where it can easily be seen by passers-by. when well positioned, it can easily attract customers to make deposits, withdrawal and open student or savings accounts as the case maybe.

You can make use of various materials like Polyester Fabric, Vinyl to design a professional POS banner of your choice and still achieve a stunning design that is eye catching. moreover you can print a variety of designs that are appealing.

  • pos banner sample
  • palmpay pos banner
  • first bank pos banner
  • zenith bank pos banner

moniepoint pos banner

Moniepoint comes with variety of features that helps you perform financial transactions. most POS agent make use of moniepoint alongside other pos terminals.

with Moniepoint pos you can make your cool money on daily basis. you can perform various financial activities with ease on behalf of Opay such as accept customer deposit, withdrawal from customers account and also transfer of funds.

Some of the benefits of using Moniepoint POS include:

Secure payments: Moniepoint Pos is secured, we haven’t heard of customers atm being cloned and the most interesting thing here is that one can recognise moniepoint pos from a distance.

Easy to use: Moniepoint POS is something that you won’t make use of twice without understanding how everything works.

Versatile: Moniepoint POS terminals is versatile in the sense that moniepoint pos accepts various card; is it visa, credit, debit, or master card? moniepoint works in all this platform.

Affordable: Moniepoint POS is cheap and the registration as an agent is not stringent.

firstmonie pos banner

firstmonie pos helps customers withdraw, deposit, pay bills, transfer funds effortless outside the banking premises. this system is powered by first bank.

key note

Convenient: You can find Firstmonie POS agents in different places in Nigeria and you also can become a firstmonie agent which will enable you to work side by side with firstbank and still make your cool money at the end of the day sales.

Secure: firstmonie is secured so you don’t need to be scared of someone hacking your card details because all transactions are encrypted and routed through the bank system.

Affordable: Firstmonie POS charges chikele money. actually their fee is low and affordable by average Nigerian and it depends on how much you are withdrawing.

Easy to use: Firstmonie POS is easy to use. as a firstmonie agent and also a first time user it won’t take time you will understand everything.

opay pos banner

OPay POS is a popular payment processing service whose agents you can easily find in every street. with opay agent being the middle men, they allow payment, deposit, withdrawal etc via the service network.

Some of the features of OPay POS include:

Opay is one of the fastest financial network that accept payments and payments can easily be confirmed even though the payment was received from other payments sources outside the opay payment system.

from any bank account: OPay POS accepts payments either from Opay or from any bank. don’t get it twisted, opay does it better than most POS service providers out there.

Low fees: OPay POS charges low this is why everyone loves using their services. if you plan to run a pos business in Nigeria and you are worried about the fees then just settle for opay.

Secure: OPay POS uses the latest security measures this means that all transactions, data and every bit of connection are highly secured.

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