2 Bedroom flat plan design in Nigeria June 2024

Nigerian Real Estate seems dynamic, and there seems to be an increasing demand for a functional living spaces that is not only well designed but gives give a true comfort that is well deserved.

For those with small family or for new couples, A 2 bedroom flat remains an ideal choice. because one, it is affordable, secondly won’t take much space to erect, with a half plot of land you are good to go.

This article 2 bedroom flat plan design in Nigeria, explores some stylish design and drawing plan of a 2 bedroom flat plan in nigeria

We all dream of owning beautiful houses but bringing that idea and dream into reality requires careful planning and consideration.

First you have to put certain factors such as the land space for the project, available money on ground, environmental factors, contemporary design; all this should be put into consideration.

Creating an inviting and efficient living space that maximize both functionality and aesthetics requires careful consideration of various factors, such as available land space, budget constraints, cultural norms, and contemporary design trends.

By focusing on these aspects and blending them with innovative architectural concepts, developers and homeowners can create 2 bedroom flat plans that maximize both functionality and aesthetics.

Whether you are an architect, real estate developer who brings ideas into reality or you are a landowner who is about to raise a 2 bedroom flat building for your self;

you are at the right article because this article has been painstakingly written so as to give you a laid down road map to follow to becoming a home owner of a 2 bedroom flat.

So, let’s embark on a journey through the world of 2 bedroom flat plan designs in Nigeria, allowing you to explore various pathway in order to own a home that capture the essence of modern Nigerian living; in no distance time.

2 Bedroom flat plan drawing in Nigeria

features of a 2 bedroom flat plan design in Nigeria

Certainly! Here’s a sample design for a 2-bedroom flat plan in Nigeria. Please note that this is a general design and can be customized based on your specific requirements and preferences.

Living Room:

There should be a living room in your 2 bedroom flat design. this spot will be use for entertainment and relaxation purposes and if possible let it be located at the entrance of the 2 bedroom flat.

Dining Area:

The dining area where your dining table and chairs will be arranged should be sited just Adjacent to the living room. this area will be where meals will be served for everyone to eat comfortably.


kitchen is a must in the plan of your 2 bedroom flat. the space reserved for kitchen should be spacious enough to accommodate cabinets, storage area, countertop etc. now your kitchen might be connected to the dining room for easy access if you choose or rather it could have a separate access.

Bedroom 1:

There should be a master bedroom. this is how most modern houses are built. the master room is typically larger and it will nice if there is an inbuilt separate bathroom attached to it as it allows for more privacy

Bedroom 2:

A secondary bedroom should be included in the plan so as to bring the rooms to be 2 in numbers. you can choose to make this second room smaller than the master room and it might not have enough functionality.


there should be a shared bathroom which everyone in the building will have access to. the bathroom should be accessable from all angle.

Utility Area:

if you still have enough space on the land I will advise you make room for a designated space where you do your laundry and other stuff. this place can be converted to storage room.


having a balcony is a plus although this depends if you still have space for that. you know here in Nigeria there are at times when the weather becomes so hot that you might want to come out to have some fresh air.

Remember, this is just a basic layout, it’s now left for you to customize it according to the space available on ground, according to your needs, and choice .

how many blocks can build 2 bedroom flat

If you are building an average two bedroom flat here in Nigeria then you should get ready 2000 to 2200 blocks or a little above this number.

then you need about 20 to 22 bags of cement to lay this 2000 blocks .you can decide to get this blocks from block industries which will save time and stress.

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