How To Know Original & fake Bone Straight Hair

Of recent, Bone straight hair has gained tremendous popularity among Nigerian women. among Nigerian women who are seeking a flawless and sleek look.

All this has actually made the demand for Bone straight hair to rise, after all demand over supply seems to push price up and Nigerian women are ready to break their bank account just to lay hold on a bone straight hair; after all it does give them what they want.

However, as the demand for bone straight hair continues to rise, so also will the prevalence of counterfeit hair products and they will be flooded into the market, all because of the money. leaving Victims who bought this fake bone straight hair dissatisfied.

those who specialises in making fake bone straight hair are doing their best to fine tone their products to look exactly as the originals. right now it is really challenging to distinguish between genuine bone straight hair and its fake ones.

Knowing how to identify original bone straight hair is not only key but crucial to ensure that you do not only receive the quality for what you paid for but also get the real value you desire.bone straight hair

In this guide on how to spot fake or original bone straight hair In nigerian market, we will work you through various steps on how to tell if a bone straight hair is genuine or it is fake

we believe that by knowing how to know original from fake bone straight hair, you can confidently make informed decisions when buying bone straight hair and avoid falling victim to deceptive and shady practices.

From examining the appearance and hair’s texture to evaluating its packaging and source of your born straight hair, don’t worry much because we are here to provide you with valuable insights that will be helpful to you on how to easily know an original bone straight.bone straight hair

how to know original bone straight hair

are you a hairstylist or you just love making herself look good with the latest bone straight hair style that enhances your beauty, this guide will go a long Way to equip you with all knowledge you ever need to choose the right product that gives you the true value for your money.

Let’s dive into the how to identify fake and original bone straight hair, giving you every details, and signs that differentiate between fake bone straight hair from original , m leveraging on your this to choose the best product for your needs.

Determining Bone Straight Hair

an original bone straight hair shouldn’t bend, it shouldn’t be fluffy and you shouldn’t have challenges combing it. it should be easy to comb. you should be able to comb all the way through and no resistance.

When it comes to the colour, it should have a little bit of shiny look, it should be shiny and reflective
Note : bone straight hair is not meant to be wavy or curly it should just be really straight

how to determine if a hair is bone straight

To determine if hair is truly bone straight and not artificially treated, you can consider the following factors:

Observe the Hair Texture:

A genuine Bone straight hair should be smooth and sleek in texture in all round. when it comes to straightness, it should be straight without any type of bend from the root to the end.

this means if your bone straight hair is genuine you shouldn’t see any bend, curls or waves. it should just be straight.

Next you should do is to run your fingers through the hair strands, do this gently to see if the hair strand of the bone straight glide effortlessly while at the same time it have no any resistance then it is genuine.

Check for Natural Shine:

we have talk about how straight it should be without bend. now in addition it should have a glossy and lustrous appearance. more also a genuine bone straight hair will reflect light somehow and this should be even along the entire length of hair. on the other hand, if the bone straight is fake then it won’t have a natural shine, and it might be dull in appearance.

Examine the Hair Ends:

The ends of a regular bone straight hair that is genuine and original should be even and blunt. please be reminded that Straightened hair may have split ends or show some few signs of damage ; it is expected since heat or chemical treatment are used to straightened them.

Assess the Hairline:

if your born straight hair is genuine then the hairline should be straight and not have this sort of waves or curls that are often noticeable but if it do have this sort of waves or curls thing then it means that has been artificially straightened.

Remember, all this tips we listed above are just a few ways to identify an original bone straight hair ; we advise you to consult a professional hairstylist to assist you check the authenticity of the bone straight you are buying if you have any doubt or you are unable to tell if it is an original born straight hair.

FAQ on bone straight hair

how to maintain bone straight hair

To maintain your born straight hair you can make use of shampoo and Condition to wash and straighten it then you gently towel dry the hair why you avoid drying the moisture by squeezing or rubbing it vigorously with towel .

rather you should blow dry with, remember not to wash your hair regularly, just do it occasionally and also avoid humidity and lastly you need to regularly deep condition to keep it hydrated.

Does bone straight hair tangle

An original born straight hair doesn’t tangle. this is because the strand of typical born straight is free and it is also firm

Can bone straight hair bend?

An original bone straight hair should not bend or curl it should rather be straight that is why it is called bone straight.

Can I wash my bone straight hair?

Yes you can wash your bone straight hair but please limit the number of times you wash it. it should not be frequent

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