when is waec 2023/2024 starting?

when is waec  starting/when is WAEC starting this year  MAY/JUNE

Are you sitting for WAEC and you have been asking “when is  West African Examination Council WAEC is starting or when is waec starting this year ″?

If you want to know the all time schedule, full timetable, starting and closing date of registration as you prepare for the exam, then its best you read this article from A-Z.

WAEC 2023/2024

All university, college of education, polytechnic and Higher education institution will ask for a senior school certificate that will help them assess those seeking for admission.Waec

WAEC is one of the widely respected and acceptable result not only in Nigeria, Africa but world wide as a whole.

This exams holds conduct in Nigeria, Ghana,Liberia,
Gambia and other west African state.

1952 saw the establishment of WAEC, after it establishment the board strives till date to partner with schools both private and government owned to conduct credible exams void of malpractice

It might interest you to know that the West African Examination Council WAEC have about 4 different series of exams they conduct year in year out. Here are the series:

  • WASSCE For Private Candidate FIRST SERIES) January –february
  • WASSCE May/june
  • WASSCE For Private Candidates (the one widely known as GCE) September –October
  • And those for junior school (know as junior waec)

Guild’s institute London and Royal society of Art do partner with WAEC conducting exams. This proves a point that WAEC has a global recognition.

when is waec starting this year

We hope the  WAEC exams hold much earlier than this although we expect it to start April  and end around May  .

Now that you now got a clue on the starting date and ending date of WAEC it’s not time to go through the syllabus and start taking courses that will help you pass all your registered subjects.

waec  syllabus

Are you interested in WAEC syllabus ? Who won’t be interesting when all questions usually comes from the syllabus.

Having the syllabus is not an option but it’s a must have once you have indicated your interest in taking the exam.

WAEC syllabus for all subjects

Note: WAEC won’t be tempted to set questions or draw questions from other sources. They are going to beam their searchlight on the syllabus, set unique or repeated questions for you all.

We understand your desire to smash WAEC once and for all, to this end we have decided to provide you with free WAEC syllabus that have being updated to capture recent changes recently updated by WAEC.

 waec timetable

WAEC timetable is a document that shows the timeline on how the exam will hold. It shows the date, time of the day the exam will hold.

You can have your own personal experience of the importance of having the WAEC TIMETABLE. We have provided the timetable free of charge in PDF format and also on web page formate.
Here is a link to get it access to it right now

Waec closing date

We can’t skip the closing date of WAEC after talking about the starting date. WAEC registration starts from May  and the closing date will be june for private candidates. We will update you more

Comply with your respective schools and pay up on time so as to avoid late registration fees and all the problem that comes with it.

Although the dates we put down here will be reviewed and updated accordingly immediately WAEC makes everything official.

Please keep visiting this page for more update on WAEC exam.

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