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2023/2024 WAEC Expo on English Language Theory and Obj.

English Language Examination for the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) is seen as a very challenging one.

This is because having any grade lesser than a credit will make the whole result useless. These two are seen as core subjects when seeking into any tertiary institution across Nigeria.

Therefore, it is very important that all WAEC students strive very hard to make this particular paper and have at least a C. Of course, no one loves to keep writing and failing the same exam/paper every year.

It could be very shameful. To give you the very best of grades in your English Language Examination, we will give you substantial expo capable of doing the needful.

If you are participating in the 2023/2024 WAEC English paper, then this article is certainly for you. It contains every information need for success in your Examination.

In fact, if you have completed the whole English Language syllabus and you do not put this expo into use, then you might fall your own hands. As you are reading this,

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How many papers are in the English Language WAEC examination?

Most candidates ask this particular question for so many reasons. One of these reasons is that we all must have noticed that WAEC students return home late on the day they write English Language. In fact, during my time, I got back home very late in the evening.

So, to answer this question, the English Language WAEC Examination consists of 3 papers, which are: PAPER 1; PAPER 2; AND PAPER 3. These three papers have different forms of examinations assigned to them. I will explain further now.

  • PAPER 1 : This paper usually comes second and takes less than an hour for completion. It contains the Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) known as Objective. It contains 80 questions.
  • PAPER 2 : Coming first and before Paper 1 is the Paper 2, which houses the theory questions. It is known as ESSAY. This one is given a completion time of 2 hours and has other sub-sections.
  • PAPER 3 : The paper 3 does not come immediately after the paper 2, but after a break of about 3 hours. Students are given the break to allow them relax their mind in preparation for the paper 3. It is known as Test of Orals. Here, students are tested for their knowledge in oral English.

Out of all the papers mentioned above, the one which requires the most preparedness is the the Paper/Core 2 (Essay). And of course, it has the highest score among the others. Therefore, it can determine your grade in English Language.

For this reason, we have included in this article what you will meet in the Essay part of the exam and how to go about it. More of this will be discussed in the next section of this post.

What you should expect in the WAEC English Language 2023/2024 Essay.

We have gotten credible information from reliable sources about where this year’s questions will be centered on, and we have also used previous years questions as a determinant for this year’s. And so, we arrived at a conclusion.

The result of our research will be given to you all for free. You are not paying a dime for it. We are also assuring you the very best in your exam, if you put this information into practical use.

  1. Comprehension
  2. Letter Writing
  3. Article Writing
  4. Story Writing
  5. Summary Writing

1. Comprehension Passage.

This is usually the first section in the English language Part 1 exam and consists of a reading followed by question. Comprehension means “Read to Understand” and is therefore used to test how best you understand a given passage. The questions serve as the test.

Most candidates come to the conclusion that comprehension is all about answering questions but there is actually more to it. To make you aware of what answering a comprehension Passage is about, we have developed a guide for you.

When answering a comprehension Passage;

  • First of all, go through the questions. This will give you a hint on what the passage is about.
  • Go through the passage. This will give you further knowledge on the theme. You are not told to read it here. Just go through it first.
  • Now read the passage clearly. After doing this, you should be able to provide a topic to the reading.
  • Thereafter, you can now answer the questions carefully. Make sure you reconfirm the answers from the passage before putting it down.

2. Letter Writing

This particular task comes in the Part II of the Paper 2 (Essay). There are other tasks in this part which include; story Writing, article writing etc. When it comes to letter writing, two types are usually provided;

Formal and Informal Letter. The informal letter appears frequently in the exam than the counterpart and therefore we will show you how to write it when you see it.

Almost all WAEC Students think that the letter writing is very hard and as a result, skip that part not knowing it is very simple but ONLY IF the rules can be applied where needed.

The rules are;

a. Your date and address must be written first like this.

12, Ayodeji Street,



20th July, 2020.

As you can see, the commas and full stops are well placed. Also, the “th” is written on the same level as the number “20”.

b. What comes next is the Greeting or Salutation, and is written by the left hand side. An example is shown below.

Dear Dad,

c. Now, you are required to write the body of the letter, which is the main content.

d. After that, you should go straight to your conclusion and closing remarks. Like “Yours sincerely”, followed by a comma and then your name below it, then a full stop.

Yours sincerely,


3. Article Writing

This is one of the simplest tasks to do in the English Language Essay. It doesn’t have much rules. The basic rules are that you include a title and ensure your content is strictly about your title.

When writing an article, you should try your best to look at the topic from different perspectives so you do not end up satisfying a particular class of audience. This will make the write up more appealing to anyone that comes across it.

4. Story Writing

Candidates who have little or no idea about other types of essays tend to go for story Writing. This is because, story Writing has no specific rule and as a result makes it more easier for them.

However, it could be dangerous if you do not make the story as real as possible. You might lose makes for unrealistic/unfeasible stories.

5. Summary Writing

This usually comes last but carries a substantial marka and therefore it is important to know about it. Summary Writing is about turning a long piece of words into a sentence in its shortest form.

However, there is more to just shortening sentences. You must make sure the main point of the sentence is not excluded from your summary.

If by any means, you exclude the main point of the sentence to be summarized, then you are losing marks. Remember that, a single mark could give you a C and could as well give you a D. It is all in your hands.

Test of Orals.

For this section, you need to be very conversant with topics like syllable; vowel and consonant sounds; Stress and Intonation and every other topic in English Language that has to do with Orals.

If you do very well in this section, you could be getting yourself an A already in the exam. Of course, a distinction is better than a credit.

With this guide, you should be able to do extremely well in your English Language Exam. Please do not benefit from this alone, help share with your friends who are also participating in this year’s WAEC. I wish you break a leg.

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