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Do you have the passion to work in the Customs? Are you dreaming of becoming a custom officer? Here is a chance to send your application and get recruited instantly as this year’s recruitment process will see over 3200 applicant get a position in the customs.Customs

Please be inform that the Nigerian customs recruitment is 100% free of charge and slot will be given to the 6 zones in the country to reflect federal character as enshrined in the constitution.

Nigerian customs service recruitment 2023/2024

Nigeria with it large population is largely dependent on foreign goods and services and as such there are need to import goods from other countries both far and near.
For an individual to import from another country such a one must deal with the Nigerian customs service.

Apart from handling import and export the customs also have other numerous task saddled on it shoulder. The agency was first founded in 1891 and ever since then there has been changes in it operations before it was first recognised as a paramilitary outfit.

Nigerian customs service recruitment Requirements :

For you to scale through the Nigerian customs service recruitment screening stages, ideally you should meet the minimum criteria. This requirement are put in place so see those who are most qualified for the job are injected into the system.

Let’s take our time to outline the requirements for the  Nigerian customs service recruitment :

Physical qualification:

Only Nigerians can apply.

  • Young and able Nigerian that falls between the age bracket of 18 to 25 can apply.
  • If you are or below 30 you are still apply for a Superintendent Cadre
  • For men their height should be at least 1.7 meters and female 1.6 meters.
  • Another requirement is that one need to have a means of identification.
  • Also there is need not to be declared bankrupt or in debited to any one.
  • One need to have a clean health and be certified fit for the job.

Educational qualification:

  • Applicant need to possess any of the following :WEAC, NECO, GCE or any of it equivalent.
  • Higher position requires BSc, HND, OND, NCE.

Nigerian custom recruitment categories  :

1). Category ‘A’ custom Superintendent Cadre : (supportive staffs) CONSOL 08: this is a higher position and requires one to be a graduate and also have a degree certificate from the following courses :

  • Health information management
  • Nutrition and dietary
  • building
  • Audit
  • Electrical engineering
  • communication
  • computer/ICT
  • Nursing
  • Marine
  • Quantitative surveying
  • Store procurement
  • Sport
  • Actuarial science
  • accounting
  • Secretarial studies
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Law

AIC (support staff) CONSOL 06: you also need a higher degree but reserve for OND and NCE holders :

  • Secretarial studies.
  • Pharmaceutical technology
  • Communication/camera handling /photography
  • computer/ICT
  • Health information management
  • Electrical engineering
  • Audit
  • building
  • Nutrition and dietary
  • accounting
  • Marine
  • Nursing
  • Health service administration
  • Medical laboratory technology

Customs Assistant (support staff) CONSOL 03, 04: this position is for non graduate or those who have an O level certificate like WAEC or NECO.

  • Health assistant
  • Junior community health assistant.
  • Sport
  • Account
  • Clerical assistant
  • Audit
  • Medical laboratory assistance
  • Store
  • Camera handling/photography
  • Building
  • Driving
  • Communication
  • Tailoring
  • Electrical
  • Marine
  • Mechanical
  • Band

2) Category “B” General Duty – Custom inspector Cadre : Assistant inspector CONSOL 06: you also need a higher degree but reserve for OND and NCE holders.

Custom Assistant Cadre: custom assistant Cadre II CONSOL 04: this position requires any of the following Credential for consideration : WAEC, NECO, GCE etc. A report shows that you need to have at least 3 minimum credit (English and mathematics included)

Custom Assistant Cadre: CONSOL 03 : trade test certificates is likely needed here infact you need to have the certificate intact before applying.

Umar Sanusi , the Boss of the Human Resources Department of the Nigerian custom gave a hint on the ongoing recruitment of the Nigerian customs service. Here is the summary of the message he was trying to pass across :

A) Superintendent Cadre Category: it is widely reported that there will be much opportunity here, about 800 positions is open here. In my opening Applicants should explore this area.

B) General Duty Categories: 2400 or like above this number is vacant for immediate employment. Applicants should also explore this area.

How to Apply For Nigeria Customs service (NCS) Recruitment  /

You need sign up for an account on the Nigerian customs system recruitment portal.

  • Here is the website
  • Click on the application link on the portal as advised.
  • Type your data like email address, password, phone number to create your personal account and after which sign in.
  • After signing in, access the application form. Fill in your bio data and all necessary information you are asked to fill.
  • Fill in your qualifications accurately and accordingly
  • At the end of the application you should receive a reference number which should be noted down. Print out your acknowledgement slip after submitting your application form.

Note: the Nigerian customs recruitment usually take a considerable amount of time which runs into month and most time a year for them to round up the recruitment process.

It is important to be patient enough and not lose hope while on the screening stages. Also note that the Nigerian customs verification process are carried in all screening centres across the state and as such it’s a must for for all successful applicants to submit them selves for screening with their Credentials.

Here are credentials you ought to submit on the portal :

  1. Police report
  2. Local government identification latter
  3. Guidance’s form
  4. Parents form

Nigerian customs service salary scale :

The men and women of the Nigerian customs service are well paid and also taken care of with numerous allowances that accrue to them monthly we can classify the customs service as one of the best places to work in Nigeria because staff are being given several allowance packages such as meal, transportation, hazard, uniform maintenance allowance and many more.

We have come across those who said they are being paid as high as 700 to 900 thousand naira per month although this can not be said of officers in the lower rank who are managing like 30,000 per month .

That being said for one to enjoy a better pay there is need to walk up the ladder to a higher position so as to enjoy a better standard of living.

Rank of the Nigerian customs service:

Here are the ranks of the Nigerian customs service :

  1. Deputy Comptroller General
  2. Comptroller General
  3. Assistant Comptroller General


Functions of the Nigerian custom service :

Apart from receiving revenue from importers, the Nigerian customs are known to provide some essential duties for the Nigerian state. Lets see those function :

  • Revenue collection: they enforce the payment of duties on necessary goods and services entering into the country.
  • Anti smuggling : they checkmate illegal importation. If possible they impound goods that are smuggled into the country.
  • License and registration services : they ensure that vehicles are properly documented and this serves as an important source of revenue to the government.
  • Provision of extra security : they are also stationed on the federal highway where they help to keep the highway crime free.

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