NECO 2023/2024 Registration: (timetable) start/& closing date

NECO  Registration: (timetable) see when neco registration form start/begin – commence & closing date deadline,

Are you in your final year in school? Or you might have registered for the National Examination Council or perhaps you just want to know how the exam is conducted, the cost of the exam form and all the requirements needed for the exam then this post is for you.

You need to read this ultimate guide about NECO registration starting and closing date here

2023/2024 NECO registration starting, closing date and deadline?

As a candidate of NECO you would want to gather every information about the exam such as when the form will be out for sale, when the timetable will be out, the first paper to be written and much more.

This article has been written to answer those numerous questions in you ask most frequently.

Is the  NECO registration form on sale/ out?

Candidates and non candidates of NECO exams that are asking when the sale of registration will begin should know that the date of sale of forms has been concluded

Schools will be authorised as usual to register candidates who are willing to take the exams. Although we are very much aware that most schools have already collected registration fee waiting for the commencement of online registration.

When will  NECO registration start /commence

Just as usual can confidently say that NECO registration form usually starts around December/ January every year.

There is what is called late registration period in which those who didn’t or are unable to register during the normal registration period are given a chance to quickly register with an extra amount called late registration fee

Times are really hard so the best option here is to register on time. Go to your school and register with them on time even when online registration has not yet commenced.

NECO  closing date

A lot of our visitors on this portal keep asking when is the closing date of NECO registration

No official closing date has been announced by the board but closing date are usually announced around April. We expect the portal to be shutdown by April.

The key here is for you to register within the given period set aside for registration rather than waiting for few week before the proposed deadline.

How can i get NECO Registration form ?

You can easily get your form from your respective schools or do your self a favour by registering online. Please ensure your school is fully approved by government and its not blacklisted.

Note: as usual the NECO registration is online, you need to get or obtain a scratch card so as to register online.

This scratch card can be easily obtain at NECO offices over the country or you can access it at the nearest post office closer to you

If you are not a private candidate its best you go through a well organised school that is recognised by government and register.

Tips in choosing a good NECO registration center

  • There are schools that are known for outstanding results and also on the other hand maintain a clean sheet on NECO record.
  • Make more enquiry from previous candidates who wrote the exam in the center.
  • Avoid centers that are known for withheld results. If your school is known for this please there is nothing bad in taking your exam in another center.
  • Some school charge higher than others, always be concerned about your success rather than the price tag. Nothing good comes easy.

how much is neco form

National Examination Council NECO forms are sold for 9500 naira. Note that the form comes in form of scratch card

Don’t expect schools, mostly private schools to collect this amount from you as they are known for charging outrageous amount. If you are a private candidate you can pay this exact amount though.

You can easily go to the nearest NECO office and get your form or go to the bank and obtain a draft or better still go through your school if you are not a private candidate.

Always have it in mind that most school charges twice the official amount set aside by NECO for forms and you have to pay all school fees for the term inclusive

Requirements for NECO  Registration

  • Getting the NECO form is the first step, then secondly while registering provide all the necessary information that you will be asked to provide like your 9 subjects, passport photograph, get your finger print scanned. Go through their website and read all instruction carefully.

NECO registration details

  • Impersonation is a crime
  • Any fee or money you are paying to obtain your form is not refundable
  • Double registration is not allowed
  • Submit your correct details when registering.

How to Register for NECO

  1. Please be inform that all registration either via school or as a private candidate are online based @
  2. Make sure your fingers are captured accurately.
  3. Get the recommended passport photograph of yours
  4. Supply all necessary information as asked
  5. Demand for your print out at the end of registration

Neco offices nationwide

are you considering going to NECO office in person? here is a comprehensive list of all the NECO center located in Nigeria. All you need is just to have a walk into their office using the address we provided here.

Remember that you are to obtain just a scratch card that will be used to access the registration form online?

Finally when registration avoid mistake in your names, remember that the names you supplied will be entered in your NECO result accordingly as you supplied them. Only register subject that are relevant to your chosen career.

We advice you to go through NECO recommended syllabus, read ahead of time so as to get your self prepared

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