Ghana Weaving Styles July 2024

Ghana weaving, also known as Ghana braids and most people also refer to it as cornrows. this particular kind of hairstyle is mostly traditional to the people of African which means it is a kind of traditional African hairstyle that has gained an immense popularity among young Nigeria girls. This intricate weaving technique known as … Read more

How many wives and children does Tinubu have?

Do you know that all of Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s children are from three different women? Bola Ahmed Tinubu, is a Nigerian politician who was once a senator and a two time governor of Lagos State and also won the 2023 Presidential elections as declared by INEC although there are lots of controversial issues and court … Read more

Hair style for ladies with attachment July 2024

Hair styling is an essential aspect of grooming for ladies. especially for young women who want to remain stunning and charming; without looking awkward. Hair styling is more or less a means of expressing your personality, is a way of embolden your statement, showcasing your personal style which often help to complement your overall natural … Read more

One Room Self Contain Design in Nigeria July 2024

A one-room self-contained apartment in Nigeria is just a typical small room or a single room that has a separate bathroom where you can take a shower and Toilet where you can ease your self. A standard self contain should have a separate kitchen – all in one. but there are some self contain that … Read more