Ghana Weaving Styles June 2024

Ghana weaving, also known as Ghana braids and most people also refer to it as cornrows. this particular kind of hairstyle is mostly traditional to the people of African which means it is a kind of traditional African hairstyle that has gained an immense popularity among young Nigeria girls.

This intricate weaving technique known as Ghana weaving is said to originates from Ghana which is a country located in West African. this is the very reason it is called Ghana weaving which identify the hairstyle with the country of origin.

Ghana weaving styles is made up of a series of interconnected braids and neatly woven braids. Each braid begins small and soft, and progressively becomes much thicker and fuller in the middle with the addition of hair extensions until it tapers off at the ends;

resulting in a distinctive and visually striking look.
allowing women who fix it to experiment with different design and patterns to achieve unique and stunning looks.

As at today, Ghana weaving is more than an identity and a symbol of African heritage but also Ghana weaving has become fashionable trend mostly or nearly all Nigerian women have come to embrace this hairstyle.

Be it Hausa , Igbo , Yoruba, Efik, igalas etc have all embraced this trend and have fully incorporated it into their fashionable trend which has now become a form of self-expression.

when it comes to fixing Ghana weaving, the beauty truly lies in it versatility. this means that it can easily suit different hair types.

what is your hair preference? Do you have a short or lengthy hair, how about the texture of your hair ; You shouldn’t worry because Ghana weaving can easily be adapted to suit whatsoever type of hair you have.

This mean that with Ghana weaving there is an endless possibility allowing you to achieve different patterns, shapes, and beautiful designs.

Additionally, you can decide to add it some beautiful beads to bring out more even stunning look ; You can also add some colorful extensions. you can now see that the Ghana weaving has a lot of potential.

June 2024 ghana weaving styles

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benefits of Ghana weaving :

The benefits of Ghana weaving is enormous in fact Ghana weaving styles offer practical benefits beyond their aesthetic appeal.

  1. First you have a low maintenance hair style which means that you won’t spend much just maintaining the hair and still yet achieving a neat and clean hair style after some week you fixed it.
  2. Another interesting benefits of Ghana weaving is that it tends to promote hair growth. with Ghana weaving you will experience less hair breakage because the hair is actually protected from hash weather, because your hair will likely retain moisture. simply put, Ghana weaving helps protect your natural hair.
  3. Another important benefit you will derived from Ghana weaving is that it saves you the stress of frequent styling and manipulation just to make it look beautiful which is often stressful ; So with Ghana weaving you won’t go through this stress.
  4. Lastly Ghana weaving last long. as in, it is one of the hairstyle that you can carry on for several weeks and it won’t make you look awkward but to enjoy this benefits you must ensure that the hair is made by a professional who knows what he or she is doing else if the hair is not done neatly and or done well it will only last for 2 weeks and you will feel like losing it

How do you keep Ghana weaving neat?

Choose the right stylist:

The hair style matters a lot, so go through our collection and look for those hairstyle that will last and go for them.

Don’t scratch:

Frequent hair scratch can make the hair lose it’s beauty. if you have dandruff or any skin problem you have to treat it very well before fixing your Ghana weaving.

Keep your hair from water:

Water can make your Ghana weaving to smell and lose it beautiful withing a short period of time also water can make your hair become vulnerable to breakage.

Protect your hair while asleep:

it’s best you protect your hail when it is best time.
Get a trim after a while: this is recommended to make the hair still look stunning.


  1. Before making the hair, stretch it before braiding to make it smoother and last longer without fuzziness
  2. next, avoid making the braid to be woven too tight because if it is too tight it could cause hair breakage and equally give you painful headaches.

What braid styles last the longest?

It depends on several factors that can extend the longevity which we have listed above but on the average braid styles are likely to last from anywhere 2 weeks minimum to a month plus

How many months do braids last?

Our beloved Ghana braids- box braid, knotless braid and cornrows will last longer and has been known to last for several weeks but if you need the hair to last longer then you need to take further steps like proper maintenance and care is needed to ensure it last longer.

for a braid to last longer or how long they can actually last depends on several factors and a few of these factors include your type of braid, the texture of your hair also counts, also the maintenance your hair receives while you fixe the hairstyle also count.

So, here are some few types of braids and their typical duration below:

Box Braids:

Box braids can remain beautiful and stunning for up to 4 to 8 weeks. But you still have few works to do, like maintaining your scalp and also your natural hair.


Cornrows is another type of hairstyle that you can explore. actually it has a longevity of about 6 to 8 weeks although this can be possible with proper care while at the same time don’t make your cornrows to be too tight because this can cause tension on the scalp and further lead to hair breakage.

Senegalese Twists:

Senegalese twists is another hairstyle that has gained popularity and this style do last for 6 to 8 weeks, but there is possibility for it to last up to 12 weeks. all boils down to proper maintenance .

Micro Braids:

Micro braids appears very smaller and more intricate braids. its a Hair style you can explore and it’s nature makes it to last very longer. which means that you can enjoy this hairstyle for 8 to 12 weeks. But fixing this kind of hairstyle is a pain in the ass and you will be charge more to fixe it due to the smaller size.

Remember, all timeframes we listed here is just an estimate. that doesn’t mean that your hairstyle won’t last way more than that and it goes more than that.

In whichever hairstyle you choose to make please be mindful of your hair and scalp and ensure you listen to it and lastly you need to maintain proper hygiene.
You can still ask your stylist of an additional tips to make your hair last long.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, Ghana weaving styles has actually transcended boarders. It is no longer a Ghanaians thing but a global stuff among not just Nigerian women but black women around the world.

Its cultural significance, versatility, and aesthetic appeal have made it a beloved and enduring hairstyle choice.

Whether worn for the purpose of just fashion or you are fixing it just to protect your hair, or just to showcase your rich culture, Ghana weaving remains our number one choice because it has continued to inspire women across the globe to boldly express themselves through the style of the hair they make.

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