One Room Self Contain Design in Nigeria July 2024

A one-room self-contained apartment in Nigeria is just a typical small room or a single room that has a separate bathroom where you can take a shower and Toilet where you can ease your self.

A standard self contain should have a separate kitchen – all in one. but there are some self contain that doesn’t have a kitchen.

Self contain is very easy to manage and it ensures you have your privacy and it is good for individuals who desire not just privacy but also a compact living space.

Although newly wedded couples with no children yet can also benefit from this settings.

features of a one room self contain July 2024

The features of a one-room in Nigeria might not be the same for everyone, honestly it vary based on individual choices, needs, budget and preferences. But here are some common features:

Single room: There is the main living area; this living room serves as the parlour and bedroom. the living room is the most important feature of a self contain.

Bathroom and toilet: A self contain should have a separate bathroom and toilet to give the occupant enough privacy.

Kitchenette: A small kitchen should be included but sadly most self contain are not designed to have kitchen. But if you manage to get a self contain that have a kitchen it might be expensive.

Storage space: A self contain room will be better off having an built-in storage space such as a closet or shelves. With a storage space you have enough room to store items and honestly it will make your room well arranged.

Air conditioning: Some one-room self-contained apartments do have this or you might choose to install it your self so as to regulate the temperature.

Internet and cable TV: It is your choice to have this connections. although most modern apartments have internet and cable TV connections.

Security: if the property is located in a choice area there is possibility of it having some extra security features but ideally a typical self contain in Nigeria have a gated entrance or security guard.

Parking: having extra parking space so that occupant who have automobile might be able to park their cars .

Furnishings: it is very difficult to see a self contain in Nigeria that is well furnished with sofa, bed and table, rather they expect the occupant to furnished it based on their specific choice.

Arrange one room self contain design in nigeria


must have in a one room self contain

To make the most out of a one room self-contained apartment, there are some essential items you might consider having. let’s take a little space to list those items for you:

  • bed,
  • wardrobe,
  • curtains,
  • a small dining table,
  • a refrigerator,
  • a gas cooker,
  • a fan,
  • a TV,
  • a comfortable sofa.

How to decorate a self contain in Nigeria?

To decorate a self-contained apartment in Nigeria will depend on the space you have in your newly rented self contain house.

Since space is limited, you should make use of multifunctional furniture . another area you should look into is making use of a
physical dividers to create space.

when choosing your furniture, emphasis on one that is wall-mounted, floating, narrow, small, slim or even foldable just for space

female student bedroom one room self contain design in Nigeria

one room self contain design plan

How to arrange a student single room in Nigeria?

Arranging a student single room in Nigeria can be done in a few simple steps:

Determine your budget: As a student you might not have enough funds at disposal. so it’s best to always consider the money for rent. look for a one room self contain that is within your budget so that renewing your rent won’t be a problem.

Research locations: while considering distance of a self contain to your school also take into consideration about safety and security because security is a big issue in most institutions in Nigeria. Avoid areas that are known to be heaven for cultist.

Search for properties: while searching for a one room self contain, Look for self contain that truly fits your budget and location requirements. I will suggest you work with a real estate agent you can find around. they are good in stuff like this but you will need to pay a mobilisation fee before they will take you around.

Visit the properties: when you seen a self contain that you like and fit into your budget. ask questions around from those that stays around the vicinity if they location is safe and also check if there is constant power supply.

Sign a lease: most landlord already have a lease agreement, its advisable you read it very well and also understand everything written there before you sign it.

Move in: After signing the lease, you can move into your new student single room and start settling in. Be sure to take care of the property and follow any rules or regulations set by the landlord.

must have as a student in one room self contain

As a student living in a self-contained room, there are certain things that you must have to make your living comfortable and convenient. Here are some essential items:

Bed and bedding: You need a comfortable bed that shouldn’t be too big, to cover less of space. this is a must-have for a good night’s sleep. Other things you need aside the bed is a blanket, pillows, mosquito net.

Desk and chair: A desk and chair is also needed. as a student you need them to study.

Storage space: what we mean by space is a storage space needed for storing your items like clothing, books, you also need a nicely designed wardrobe.

Kitchen appliances: If your room has a kitchen, you should consider having some basic kitchen equipment that will making cooking easier. Based on your budget it will a plus if you get a mini-fridge, microwave that makes life easier.

Cleaning supplies: cleaning supplies is a must, you won’t like to stay in a room that is smelling all the time. at least for your general health, sanity and well-being get stuff like cleaning detergent, hypo, mop, broom, dustpan etc.

Personal hygiene items: other stuff that makes cleaning easier are soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and toilet paper.

Laundry supplies: everyone will like to choose an easy life but all this depends on your budget. with a washer and dryer your laundry will be as easy as ABC.

Entertainment: for entertainment purposes you can consider getting a TV, a laptop, but as a student I won’t recommend a gaming console.

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