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Are you tired of failing this particular physics paper in your WAEC for some consecutive years? You don’t even need to answer that question.

You should be tired!! Imagine after all the hard work ,sleepless nights, mosquito bites and all that you have suffered in preparation for the mighty Physics exam, you then fail the subject. Heartbreaking!!

You can’t keep working hard and keep getting results that do not match your hard work. Enough is enough! It’s time to find a solution.Waec

But what exactly is the solution? It is no longer new to everyone that exam Candidates, after seeing expo and guides on how to go about their papers tend to come out with better results.

Yes, you must have guessed right from the start. It is accurate expo you need for that physics examination that is giving you troubles for years.

As a Science student, who is preparing to go into the medical, clinical, engineering, or tech, or other science-related fields, it is mandatory that you have at least a Credit pass, before you can be considered for admission in whichever Tertiary institution you apply into.

We have made our own research and have seen reasons students fail unnecessarily, and have sourced for expo in the 2023/2024 Physics, from reliable sources.

We are willing to share them with you for free. This expo is strong enough to get you a distinction (A1) in the WAEC Physics. However, reading this expo and not applying it or complementing it with your own efforts could be a very bad idea.

So, you are advised to read your physics book, read this expo and combine the knowledge you have gained from the two when you get to the exam Hall.

So, without wasting too much time, let’s dive right in and see what we have gotten from our different legit sources.

The article is divided into a number of sub-sections. Each subsection contains detailed information on specific parts of the physics examination.

How many Papers are in the WAEC 2023/2024 Physics Examination?

The WAEC Physics Examination consists of 3 papers. The 3 papers are written are different times. Two of them are written on the same day, while the other one is written on another day. You will be told more about these papers later in this subsection.

A lot of students keep asking me why the West African Examination Council has broken down the examination into three parts.

Firstly, I do not work with WAEC and therefore I don’t know the reason for that action. But, if we should look at it well, the division of the examination has made it easy for candidates to have a better chance of passing the paper.

Failure in one of the papers might not mean total failure, because another paper in the same examination might have a greater score.

With this, you can be assured of passing your Physics Exam even when you haven’t written it. You can easily tell which paper you have done very well in and which one, you aren’t sure of.

Thereby, making it easy to calculate or predict your scores. Also, this paper division will help students prepare for the same exam multiple times thereby enhancing knowledge and understanding in the subject.

The three Papers in the WAEC 2021 Physics Exam are;

  • Paper 1
  • Paper 2
  • Paper 3

Paper 1: This is popularly called Objective Section. It is considered the easiest by many students because they have the ability to guess the answers using conventional tricks.

The question now is, are they always right? The answer is NO. Most times, these tricks tend to provide you with a load of wrong answers and you could fail the whole Objective Section.

The Objective part consists of 50 Multiple Choice Questions and each question carries one mark, making it a total of 50 marks. Note that, there will be further calculation on the marks.

Candidates will be given an OMR Sheet, to shade their answers on it. The West African Examination Council prints the names of each candidate on a particular OMR sheet for a particular subject.

So, when collecting your OMR sheet, ensure it is your name that is written on it, before you begin to shade.

Also, when doing the Objective Part, candidates make use of a well sharpened HB pencil. This is because, this paper is usually marked by the computer and the computer hassbeen programmed to recognize only the writings of HB pencil. So, if you use any other type of pencil, you might be failing yourself gradually.

The Paper 1 is written on the same day with Paper 2 and comes before it. That is, you get to write Paper 2 before Paper 1.

Paper 2: This is the theory section of the Examination. It is considered as the toughest of all the Physics Papers, and that is why you see students preparing very hard for it. Some stay sleepless at nights. Some get to the exam centre and still keep reading. For the Physics Paper 2, it is you and your pen.

Unlike the Paper 1, you will not be given options to shade answers. Instead, you will be given an answer sheet to write down your answers. Luckily for you, the WAEC Physics 2021 answer script will come with the questions, so you don’t have to go through the stress of combining papers together.

This section is marked by human beings. Therefore, there could be easy detection of examination malpractice. This is why you hear that some examination centres have had their results cancelled.

The Marker could have detected some sort of similarity in all the scripts. This will make him/her suspicious and will report to the council immediately.

The West African Examination Council will conduct thorough investigation and take appropriate measures. If the candidates are found guilty of examination malpractice, they will be penalized for it.

Paper 3: This paper is the Practical Aspect. WAEC Candidates see it as a tough one but fail to prepare well towards. It could be dangerous if you decide to follow this trend. The Practical Physics carries the highest mark and can easily determine your success/failure in the Examination.

It involves the practicals of topics like Oscillatory Motion, Electricity, Light, Lens and Mirrors, Energy, Moment, etc. When answering the questions,, you will be required to list the precautions you undertook to get your results.

The Paper 3 could be very delicate for some candidates. See why I said so. In the paper 3, students will get different answers though not too distinct in value.

If a candidate got a value of 6.8m in an experiment, another candidate should get between 6-7m in the same experiment.

Also, a simple mistake in the experiment could give you and absolute error. This is why Teachers group the Candidates so they can work together as a team.

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