Print NYSC Call Up Letter 2023/2024 BATCH A, B, C

 NYSC Call Up Letter

The Nigerian government is reportedly set to handle call up letter to this year’s NYSC batch A, B, C stream 1.

Hence, you are expected to get ready for mobilization any moment from now. But, do you know how and where to print your NYSC Call Up letter?

No problem if you don’t, we’ve got you covered. We are set to discuss everything you should know about 2023/2024 NYSC call up letter.

This article will help you know when you should be expecting the letter; where you can access it; how you can print it and what you should do with it after printing it.

This promises to be a very interesting and informative article that all PCMs (Prospective Corp Members) mustn’t ignore. So, let’s get started!Nysc

What Is  NYSC Call Up Letter?

NYSC call-up letter is a letter from the officials in charge of the National Youth Service Corps which helps to reveal every information you should know about your NYSC service program.

Having completed your NYSC registration procedures, you are expected to receive a call up letter from the organizers after some weeks ( which might also extend to one or two months).

What Are The Information Contained In The Call Up Letter

For people who are eager to know the information available in the NYSC Call up Letter, this part of the write-up is strictly dedicated to you. Your call up letter contains the following information:

  • NYSC Call Up Number: This is a very unique identification number attached to the letter. This number is useful to you alone as it will help NYSC official confirm if the details you provided during registration is accurate and up to date.

Therefore, it is advisable you keep it safe and, if possible, hidden from other people.

Meanwhile, you should know that the call-up number is right there at the left top-end of the letter.

  • Where To Serve: This is another information possessed by your call up letter. It will disclose to you where you are expected to go serve your fatherland, although you might decide to redeploy as long as you meet the redeployment requirements.
  • Date To Report To Camp: Here is one of the reasons why you are advised to print your call up letter as soon as possible. With this letter, you will be able to know when to be in camp to kickstart your verification processes.
  • Verification Deadline Date: Your Call up letter is so important that it will reveal to you when you are expected to complete your verification assignment.

Where To Print NYSC Call Up Letter

There are two ways to print your call up letter. They include Online and Physical Method.


Printing your call up letter via online platform requires extra charges (worth 3,000 naira) as you are expected to settle what is often referred to as “service charge”

This service charge must be paid before the letter is released or made public by the organizers. In fact, you are mandated to pay the service charge during registration as that will or boost your chances of printing the letter without any problem.

Physical Method

Here is another method by which you can get your call up letter without having to pay extra charges.

Though it doesn’t require extra expenses, you are surely going to undergo little stress as you are going to visit a specified school to print it out.

How To Print Your NYSC Call Up Letter

Irrespective of the method you decide to explore, it is compulsory you print out the call-up letter. Hence, we have no option to but to provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to go about it without consuming much of your time.

Having said that, below is a quick rundown of the steps you must take while printing out your NYSC letter:

1. Visit NYSC Official Website To Begin The Process: This is the first step you are expected to take if you must print the letter in a stress-free manner. You can do that by clicking here

2. Login To Your Account: Just as you would do to any online account, you are to provide your registered email and password to access your NYSC profile.

3. Print It Out: Having gained access to your profile, your next mission is to print out the call up letter.

This can be done by clicking on the ‘Print Call Up Letter’ link that boldly appears on your browser’s screen.

That’s all, connect the browser to your printer and get the letter ready for use. Meanwhile, it is important you know that all these processes can be done your school if you are exploring the second (physical) method discussed above.

What’s NYSC Green Card All About?

You could be wondering what NYSC green card is all about and its usefulness — right? NYSC Green Card is another strategy deployed by the service corps towards ensuring that all information about you is securely revealed to you.

In a nut shell, this Green Card is a small slip given to all NYSC eligible candidates as it contains all their information and data. The card is so important that all PCM have been ordered to have at least two or three photocopies in case they misplace the original one.

Steps To Print Your 2022/2023 Green Card

Printing your NYSC Green Card does require special processes. In fact, you are to follow the same route you take while printing your call-up letter.

However, the only difference between the two exercises is that you are going to click on the ‘print your green card’ this time NOT Call up letter.

Other Important Information You Must Know About NYSC Call Up Letter

  • You are expected to go to camp with your original Degree/HND Certificates if you attended Nigerian tertiary institutions. Your original statement of result is equally mandatory. Please note that Only original certificates are accepted by NYSC officials.
  • You are to go to camp with a genuine or valid source of identification from your Nigeria-based tertiary institution.
  • If you studied abroad, you’re expected to visit camp alongside all documents you uploaded during registration.
  • Foreign-based Nigerian graduates must come with their international passport and travel documents as they are extremely important during verification exercise.
  • You will have to translate your documents or academic credentials to English language. This is mainly for Nigerians in other (especially francophone) countries.
  • People who are already in one or two professional fields— such as Medical/veterinary Doctors, Dentists, Physiotherapists, Nurses and Pharmacists, Optometrists, — are to present their licenses.


As the 2021 is call up later portal is set to be available soon, you are advised to be on the lookout for latest updates. You can get up-to-date info about the letter by refreshing this page.

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