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Nigerian Prison Recruitment 2023/2024

The Nigerian Prison Service (NPS) is an agency of the Federal Government of Nigeria, operating under the supervision and direction of the Federal Ministry of Interior and Civil Defence, charged with the responsibility of the operation and administration of prisons in Nigeria.

Nigerian prison service recruitment

The advent of a western-type prison system in Nigeria was first conceptualized in 1861 when Lagos was declared as a colony,

and there was a growing need by the British colonialists to set up measures to protect legitimate trade.

A police system was set up, followed by a court system then a prison system.

In 2019, following the passing into law of the Nigerian Correctional Service Act, 2019, the NPS became known as the Nigerian Correctional Service,

with the objective of inculcating best correctional practices that are in tandem with the rest of the world. One of such aim been the provision of rehabilitation and correctional Centre for law breakers.

By its founding ideology, the NPS in order to carry out its objectives also engage in supplementary functions like recruitment exercises,

in order to effectively perform its functions. The purpose of this writing, therefore, is to consider among other things the Nigerian Prison Service Recruitment

Nigeria prisons Recruitment requirements includes:

  • — Applicants must be a Nigerian citizen
  • — Must have the requisite qualification and certificate, certificate or qualification not presented and accepted at the recruitment center shall not be accepted after the recruitment.
  • — Candidates must be fit and show medical reports from a government recognized hospital that confirms that.
  • — State of origin.
  • — Full name e.t.c

To be eligible involves:

  • — Applicants must be of good character and worth emulating.
  • — Applicants must not have been convicted of any criminal offenses in the past nor present coming.

Application Procedures/how to apply :

  1. The application must be online.
  2. Candidates are expected to log in to the website
  3. Fill and submit the application form via
  4. Print the application slip that would be used all through the recruitment process.

As working with the prison service will include being patriotic at all times several benefits are added to make the employee have a good state of mind which includes:

  • Insurance benefits in case of any form of loss or so.
  • Retirement benefit which is a way of being grateful for a selfless service tended during servicing.
  • Vacation policy for a break or relaxation for regaining lost energy during work.

Nigerian Prison service salary structure

The NPS salary structure is founded on the Consolidated Paramilitary Salary Structure (CONPASS). Under this salary structure, beneficiaries are paid,

in addition to their basic allowances, are paid allowances for other special items like uniform allowance, hazard allowance as the case may be.

The average salary of an NPS employee, therefore, ranges from N800,000 to N1,000,000 per annum, while on a monthly basis, it is estimated at N50,000.

The highest in rank on the payroll is the position of the Comptroller-General, then the Deputy, the Deputy Manager, and Assistant Generals.


A. Filling of the application form twice will not be condoned and might lead to termination.

B. No fee is required to go through the recruiting process as it is free.

C. Proper filling of CV online will ensure successful recruitment at the end.

Objective of Nigeria Prison:

  1. To access the different roles the Nigerian prison service plays in ensuring prisoners’ rehabilitation.
  2. To examine the outcome of the rehabilitation of prisoners.
  3. Make recommendation based on the research findings.


One major vision of the prison service is to promote public protection by providing assistance and due support for offenders in their reformation and rehabilitation under a safe,

secure and humane conditions in line with the universally accepted standard, and to facilitate their social reintegration into society.

Core values:

— Justice, fairness, restoration, rehabilitation, and reintegration.

— To advocate Penal and prison systems that provide just consequences for criminal behaviors, respect the rule of law, human rights, and dignity and promote the restoration right relationship between victims, offenders, and society.

The Nigerian prison officers are important paramilitary troops present in the country. To take part in the recruitment of the Nigerian prison,

you’ll have to eligible and qualified for the position. Below are general requirements and eligibility for the Nigerian prison service recruitment.


Recruitment in the prison service is a very simple and digestible process to carry out if adhere to the process above which will grantee a safe and successful recruiting process.

The service is capable of accommodating able hand willing to help for the uplifting of the nation.

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