Latest Bed Frame Designs in Nigeria April 2024

bed Frame are not just designed to help you raise your mattress but they help the body properly distribute weight.bed Frame

having your bed supported by a quality bed frame is actually a plus because bed frames actually helps distribute body weight in an evenly manner and thus helps us achieve quality sleep.bed Frame

Bed frames don’t just help to enhance beauty of our bedroom but it also help us to get sound sleep we all crave for.bed Frame

As you spend your money in getting a top-quality mattress it is also necessary you invest in a bed Frame that will help you minimise disruptive symptoms of back pain. This is the very reason we advise everyone to invest in a bed frame that guarantees for greater comfort.

So In this post, we have put a list and also match it with amazing pictures of different bed styles and design for you to choose from. we encourage you to take a look at the design and if possible ask a close by carpenter to help you achieve the specific design of your choice to match the decor of your bedroom.

So if you are planning to change your current bed frame, we have provided options for you to chose from right on this page.

Bed Frame Designs in Nigeria

bed frames comes in different styles, they are often made with various type of materials like wood, upholstered fabrics, upholstered fabrics, metal.

A typical Bed frame comes with with this three important features; a headboard, footboard, and side rails. while you can actually get extra features added such as a storage drawers or adjustable bases.

Choosing a Bed Frame in Nigeria April–2024 : Things to Consider

Since the bed frame is the main support system for your bed, getting a nicely bed frame with the needed features hinges largely on your choice.

Here are some of the most important things you have to put into consideration when shopping for your next bed frames right here in Nigeria.

1. Mattress Size

mattress sizes should match the corresponding bed frame sizes, so it is better you consider and also double-check the dimensions of your mattress and also the dimension of your bed frame before making any purchase.

2. Bedroom Size

you need to factor in the bedroom size while getting either a bed frame or mattress. to me I wouldn’t like in a situation where my bed and the bed frame will be lost in the room. I will prefer everything to be proportional to the room. not too big to cover the whole space and not too small to be lost in the room.

3. Height:

you should consider the hight also. Although a typical bed frame hight is around 24 to 30 inches. while some will go for a higher bed frame of 30 inches off the ground, if you are above average it wouldn’t be problem but if you are below average in hight, the 24 inches should be enough .

always consider your own hight also because this will tell if you are going to get into your bed easily or you will struggle to climb the bed.

4. Style:

the most popular bed frame style you will easily come across are platform, panel, and sleigh. sleigh bed frame curves outward at the headboard and footboard while a platform bed frame is a lower bed frame with sturdy base.

the style should be simple enough and should help complement the design of the room.Your choice of bed frame style is totally down to your personal preferences

5. Material:

the material used in making a bed frame will determine how long the bed frame will last, how attractive and how heavy it might be.

most bed are either made of wood or metal. although you might come across a bed frame that is made of leather and fabric upholstery but beneath those beautiful designs are wood frames.

while choosing a metal bed frame you should consider a strong high end metal that won’t bend under heavy weight. at the same time a wooden bed frame should be strong enough not to break and they should be tightly held together so that they don’t pull apart over time.

6. Legs

Before choosing a bed frame, look at its base. the leg should not cause destruction to your fragile floor especially if you are having a carpet or tiles.

again you might consider a bed frame with wheels, if you are the type that will like to move your bed. as this will easily allow you to move your bed around easily.

7. Support System

The essence of getting a bed frame is to support your mattress. So, every part of the bed frame must help to achieve this. So, choose a bed frame with slats that are strong enough to support heavy weights.

Slats that bend easily would most likely break. The number of slats and the spacing between them is a good indicator of what to expect. The more closely packed the slats are, the stronger support they’ll provide for your mattress.

Bed Frame Designs in Nigeria

There are many different bed frame designs available, each with its own unique style and features. Here are some popular bed frame designs:

Platform Bed: A platform bed typically has a solid base. actually this is a low profile bed that is simple in all round and you can consider going for this if you don’t mind it minimalist look.

Canopy Bed: A canopy bed has four posts with a frame on top that can be draped with fabric or curtains. It creates a dramatic and romantic look in a bedroom.

Sleigh Bed: This type of bed has a curved headboard and footboard this makes it look like a sleigh just as the name suggests.

Storage Bed: this style of bed frame has an in built storage space. so if you need a bed that that offers extra space for storage then you should go for this.

Four-Poster Bed: A four-poster bed have a four vertical columns, is suitable for cold weather or rooms that allows cold air in. They can transform a bedroom environment giving you a commanding look.

Upholstered Bed: An upholstered bed is often covered with fabric to give a classic, cozy and comfortable feel to a bedroom. they are mostly made of wood then covered with fabric.

Metal Bed: A metal bed frame are long lasting if made with the right kind of steel that can resist rust. again they are often stylish and affordable and exist in different styles. but they have several disadvantage.

Adjustable Bed: As the name implies, you can easily adjust this kind of bed Frame. a typical adjustable bed frame can either be raised or lowered at the head and foot of the bed.

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