How To Reprint JAMB Slip 2024/2025 reprinting

It is that time of the year when students, parents, and guardians won’t stop asking if JAMB portal is open for reprinting and how to reprint JAMB slip.

We are pleased to tell you that 2024 JAMB registration commenced , while JAMB reprinting 2024 will begin a week to the exam.

Visit the nearest JAMB CBT Centre to register for the forthcoming utme examination before the portal closes Jamb

Meanwhile, JAMB 2024 registration exercise is incomplete until you print out the JAMB slip.

Hence, in this article, we’ll discuss all you need to know about JAMB reprinting, including the date, and where to get your JAMB printout.

But before that, let’s briefly explain what JAMB reprinting is all about and its importance.

What’s JAMB Reprinting

JAMB reprinting is the final JAMB registration process which involves printing out your JAMB slip to know your exam venue, date, and time.

It reveals all the necessary details about your registration number, exam center, time, and date. JAMB reprinting lets you obtain the JAMB slip you must provide before entering into the exam hall.

Is JAMB portal open for reprinting?

The JAMB portal is open for reprinting while writing and publishing this article. As mentioned earlier, JAMB reprinting will begin a week to the exams.

Therefore, Students can only access the JAMB reprinting portal starting when the portal is open a week to the exam.

Has JAMB Reprinting Started for 2024?

JAMB’s reprinting website is currently uavailable because reprinting has started for jamb .

Students who registered for UTME examination are to wait till a week to the exam , which is the official JAMB reprinting date.

In a nutshell, JAMB will start allowing candidates reprint their utme slip a week to the exam.

How to Reprint JAMB Slip?

JAMB reprinting is a simple task you can do on your smartphone or PC, although you need to print it out at any nearby cafe or computer center.

Having said that, below is a step-by-step guide to reprint JAMB slip in a few minutes:

  • Visit JAMB reprinting portal to start. JAMB reprinting portal is
  • Type your JAMB registration number in the available space.
  • Then, click on the “print examination slip” icon to access the slip.
  • Connect a printer to your phone or PC and print the slip. Note that you must go with the JAMB printout to your exam center.

Having discussed JAMB reprinting portal and how to print the JAMB slips, let’s turn our attention to some frequently asked questions about JAMB slip and their answers.

Frequently Asked Questions About JAMB Reprinting

How can I reprint my JAMB slip?

You can reprint your JAMB slip by following the steps we discussed earlier. Alternatively, visit a quality JAMB reprinting Cafe for help. They will help you print the slip at an affordable price in no time.

Can I print my JAMB slip anywhere?

Yes, you can print your JAMB slip anywhere. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t do it at anyhow Cafe.

Ensure you print your JAMB slip at a reputable cybercafé that has been in the printing business for a long time because they guarantee top-notch service delivery.

Likewise, don’t pay anyone to reprint your JAMB slip on your behalf without trusting them.

Can I do my JAMB reprint in any cafe?

Though you can print your JAMB slip at any cafe, you must consider some factors before settling for one.

The factors to consider while looking for where to print your JAMB slip include the following:

  • Quality:

Complete the JAMB reprinting process in a cafe that guarantees top-notch quality. Choosing a quality cafe is non-negotiable because the JAMB printout must be clear and visible.

  • Price:

Though the price of JAMB reprinting varies from one Café to another, it shouldn’t exceed ₦200. Consider the price and go for a cafe that guarantees affordable and quality work.

  • Internet Connection:

It is also important you choose a cafe that guarantees a top-notch internet connection. A high internet service connection will make the reprinting process fast and accurate.

  • Location:

Consider the distance between your house and the Cafe. Choose a nearby cafe for more convenience.

Selecting a nearby Cafe helps you avoid transportation expenses. However, quality should come first.

Don’t compromise the printout quality because a poor quality slip could affect you in the future. Find a quality JAMB reprinting Cafe, even if it costs a bit more than others.

How do I check my center for JAMB?

Printing your JAMB slip is the first step to checking your JAMB exam center.

The slip features crucial details about the forthcoming UTME exam, including the exam center. Go through the JAMB printout to know your center.

Meanwhile, the slip also reveals your registered phone number, examination time, JAMB registration number, exam date, email address, and name.

How Much is JAMB Reprinting

JAMB reprinting costs ₦200 if you are doing it in a cafe. The café attendance will handle the whole reprinting exercise from start to finish.

However, you might spend less if you begin the reprinting process yourself. You will only pay for the printout, which shouldn’t cost more than ₦100 per copy.

Access the JAMB slip by following the steps above, download it to your device as a pdf file, and print it at a quality computer Cafe.

How Many Times Can You Print out Your JAMB Slip

You can print your JAMB slip many times, depending on your financial capacity and the time frame. We advise you should have at least five copies of the slip immediately after you print it so you don’t have to reprint it in the nearest future.

JAMB Reprinting Deadline

JAMB Reprinting doesn’t have a specific deadline date. You can keep reprinting the slip for as long as you want.

The most important thing is that you go to the exam center with a copy you and submit it to the exam officer before entering the examination hall.


Start preparing for the UTME while waiting for JAMB reprinting opening date. Get JAMB past questions and attempt them.

Enroll in JAMB lessons if you can shoulder the financial burden, and pay attention to every tutorial.

Study hard and you will get the score you need to gain admission into your desired tertiary institution.

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