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2023/2024 WAEC Mathematics Expo

Just like English Language, Mathematics is also a core subject for the West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE). That is, it is of utmost importance that candidates who partake in these exams have at least a credit score in the two subjects.

No tertiary institution in Nigeria will accept D from any student applying for admission. This is why all WAEC candidates try their best to make their English and Mathematics papers.

However, the best of some students are not just enough to get them what they really want or deserve.

In fact, there are students who have been partaking in WAEC for over 3 years, all because they have failed a core subject.

Some of them seem very intelligent and promising but end up disappointing themselves and those looking up to them.

Mathematics could be a very easy course for them in th classroom, but become very cumbersome in the exam Hall. This is because they do not have prior knowledge on how to go about it.

So, to help solve this problem we have decided to source for expo on what to expect in the WAEC 2020 Mathematics Examination, and how to solve them.

This expo has worked for students who sat for exams in the previous years. We are quite sure you will not be an exemption.

With this expo, you do not need to stress yourself reading the entire 2020 Mathematics syllabus and solving Evey WAEC question that comes your way. It will show you where you need to place your focus. As simple as that.

In addition, you all get to test your readiness for the examination and how good you can be at it when the period comes.

Keep reading this post to see the WAEC 2021 Mathematics Expo for both the Objective and the theory.

How many papers are in the Mathematics WAEC ?

Every WAEC candidate will love to get an answer to this question. It is a very great step to know what you are going to do before going ahead to do it. Here, I will be telling you how many papers you will meet when you get to the exam Hall.

There are only 2 papers in the WAEC Mathematics exam, which are;

PAPER 1: This paper is known as the Objective which consists of Multiple Choice Questions MCQs. There are 60 questions in it and all you need to do is to solve the questions and shade the correct option. You do not need to show your workings.

This paper comes second some hours after the paper 2 has been concluded. More about the Paper 2 will be discussed next.

PAPER 2: The paper 2 is known as the theory where you have to show your working in the answer sheet. Each questions has a mark attached to it.

In the theory part, the candidate will be required to answer 10 questions in 2.5 hours. Questions will come from words problems, statistics, probability, inequalities, sequence and series and related topics. The theory comes first before the Objective.

The paper 2 is seen as the tougher nut to crack in the Mathematics exam. In fact, many students are pictured sweating when solving the maths questions. It makes it look very hard, but it is actually otherwise.

Just like Chemistry has rules and laws, Mathematics has rules that must always be put into consideration at every point in time. Different questions come up and require the application of different kind of rules. So, as a WAEC candidate, you have to master those rules and know how to apply them.

The theory carries 60 makes and could go a long way in determining your grade in Mathematics. Let us say you achieve 40 marks from the theory section and score 30 marks out of 40 from the Paper 1, it makes it a cumulative score of 70, which automatically gives you a Grade A.

This proves that even if you score the whole 40 marks from the Objective section, and do not make the theory, then you are obviously going nowhere.


Is it a must I have a C in my Mathematics?

Actually, it is a must you have at least a Credit in your WAEC Mathematics. Read that again. You can decide to have an A, no one is stopping you, but getting less than a C will make the whole result useless except in some cases. I’ll show you now.

Most tertiary institutions require that applicants pass their O’ level at one sitting before accepting their applications. However, some accept two sittings.

So, in case a candidate did not make his core subject in his first result, the candidate can just rewrite the exam and combine the two results for admission purposes.

Kindly note that applicants who combine their results have a lesser chance of securing admission when compared to applicants with only one o’ level result.

Someone promised me exam cheats if I pay, can I trust him with my money?

No, they are all scammers. It is not into someone takes your money and run is he a scammer, a scammer also takes your money and offers you illegitimate services.

By the time you get to the exam Hall, you will see it written boldly on the question paper that “Examination Malpractice is Corruption, do not participate in it”. So, paying for exam cheats is another form of corruption.

Is WAEC Mathematics very hard?

WAEC Mathematics might only be hard for you if you do not follow the guide I have shown you in this write-up.

If you put every information contained here into practice,you will surely see yourself coming out in flying colours.

And lest I forget, let me remind you that there is love in sharing. So, you can just quickly share his post with your friends who are also going to be writing WAEC Mathematics this year.

They will appreciate you when they see what you you have revealed to them.

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