What Jamb Regularization login is-( NYSC/DE) 2023/2024 :How to do regularization

What Jamb Regularization login is-( NYSC/DE)  :How to do regularization /login page

Here is how to do your compulsory Jamb Regularization so as to get started with your NYSC registration. If you discover that you don’t have an admission letter then this article will guide you through showing you the process to resolve this issue.

what is Jamb Regularization

You might ask ” what is JAMB Regularization all about, how is it done?”
To explain this term in a simple language, JAMB Regularization is just
late JAMB registration or application.
JAMB usually interchange this word with late JAMB registration or application

jamb Regularization is simply the reconciliation of OND/ND/NCE/HND admission between your institution and JAMB.

There are some candidates or students of our institution who don’t have admission latter from JAMB. This means that JAMB is not yet aware of your admission.

When such situation occurs, getting a DIRECT ENTRY form from JAMB might be difficult on the other hand getting your self registered online for NYSC scheme becomes a problem.

Should I Do Jamb Regularization?

Yes you should regularize if you are sure you don’t have JAMB admission letter but before then take this step to find out if really you should do JAMB Regularization :

  • Log on to www.jamb.gov.ng which is jamb portal
  • Login in with your password and username
  • chose your exam year
  • Click on check admission status
  • enter your details which is your registration number and click enter.

Note: as far as you did get your admission through jamb your details remains with JAMB, you are going to see your full names, your school and course of study, duration of your programme. If this details shows up, then there is no need to regularize

If you are unable to find your details, or if the system says “Sorry no admission is given yet“. Then there is a problem and and to solve this issue is to regularize your admission just as we have pointed out before.

How To Do Jamb Regularization

  • First access your JAMB profile by logging in with password and email.
  • If you don’t have a jamb profile just create one instantly because it’s a must you have a jamb profile.
  • Though JAMB portal has been enhanced, just look for “Late (Retroactive) Application”.
  • Click on late application and view your transaction ID
  • You should proceed to payment page for the service render by JAMB.
  • Fill in your necessary details and information orderly

Note: when you are done making your payment and registration, check your inbox for details sent to you by JAMB, This details should contain your admission year and jamb registration number.

  • Finalise your application on JAMB portal with such details sent to you by mail.
  • At the end of your application you have to print an indemnity form. Take this form to your school.
  • Your school is mandated to approve it and also send this form to JAMB.
  • If received by JAMB, you will surely get a notification and a next line of action.

When Is Jamb Regularization Deadline 2023/2024

There is no deadline as this process is a continuous process for all candidate, students etc alike.

Although candidate who are trying to switch over to university via JAMB Direct Entry programme will have to be time conscious about the closing date of their application.

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