jamb past questions and answers on english (2023/2024 ) see what jamb will set

Here is JAMB Use of English Questions 2023/2024, also Check JAMB Use of English Repeated Questions Online very important

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We understand that you are about to sit for JAMB and English language is one of the compulsory subject you have to take. In this examination guide,you wil have access to past JAMB Use of English that will help you have high score. Moreover you will see random repeated questions free of charge. We believe that this will help you better understand how JAMB set their questions and how you go answering them

jamb past questions and answers on english 2023/2024

Right now we are are talking about hot JAMB Use of English language questions and answers.

Note: no matter what,past questions on use of English language questions will still be repeated in 2023/2024 JAMB. This is fact!!

You have been looking for the download link for all JAMB questions and answers but here we are giving you JAMB Use of English questions and answers free of charge…. Yes don’t pay me money all I need is for you to read this guide to the end.

Here we will be providing all tools you need to come out in flying colors in  Jamb Exam, our material here are easy to comprehend, easy to grab and assimilate, all you have to do is to download Jamb Use of english questions and answers free of charge here.

jamb past questions and answers on english

One can’t do perfectly well in JAMB without the aid of past questions. The easy way out right now is Jamb past questions because it serves as a compass that will guide you to your desired destination.

I have taken it upon my self, gone through JAMB past questions and what I discovered was stunning ; I found out that JAMB are too lazy to bring up new questions, all they do is to keep repeating old questions year after year.

As a smart student, you can capitalize on this, go through past questions, cram them up and have an outstanding success all through. I did it so many years ago and it still work with CBT exams

Download jamb English pdf 1983-2014 0.92mb

Just like I said JAMB past questions are being carefully selected and twisted. CBT is no exceptional, past questions are just being stored in the system and reshuffle.
What they are doing is simply copying large amount of questions from the paper type into the system software. One that aren’t smart you won’t noticed this.

 Jamb use of english language

JAMB use if English remains the only subject all candidate must sit for, this is because it is our mode of communication, without English language you won’t be able to understand any course thought in English hence you must have a proper understanding on this particular course.

jamb use of ENGLISH questions and answers

We perfectly understand the importance of English language in jamb hence we are out to offer you all assistance to come out in good grade.

Fact: Do you know that about 90% of jamb use of English language questions are selectively picked from past questions? Only about 10% seems new from my observation.

If you can help your self today by spending a few hours of your time with past questions you will be amazed on your performance in 2021 JAMB

Structure of JAMB Use of English Questions

Jamb English Questions are divided into different sections

  • Section A : a large passage will be given to you to study or evaluate. JAMB tries to see how fast you are able to read a large passage and understand every aspect of it.
  • Section B: lexis, structure and orals are an integral part of this section

Important point to note about jamb use of english language

If you want to have high mark in jamb use of english then hold on to this point

  1. Take your time to study idioms: time over time JAMB can’t do without idioms, their question comprises of idioms
  2. comprehension passages: when studying, go through JAMB comprehension passages very well, get good text books that covers all that are discussed there, then return back to joint admission and Matriculation board JAMB past questions and see how you can get their questions right.
  3. Dont guess in jamb use of english : A lot of student like to guess, it’s very risky to guess in CBT. The key to PASSING the joint admission and Matriculation board JAMB use of english is your ability to understand the passage fully

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