Nigerian Directorate Of Employment(NDE) Recruitment 2023/2024

Nigerian Directorate Of Employment(NDE) Recruitment 

The NDE recruits Nigerian graduates and non-graduates within the age span of 18-35 years every year. This agency was established in 1986 but began its official work in 1987.

The Nigerian Doctorate of Employment was developed to fight unemployment burrowing deep in Nigeria.

Through this agency, the federal government of Nigeria created a portal called Jobsforall which is meant to serve the purpose of compiling the data of unemployed citizens and to encourage the NDE to relate to unemployed citizens and engage them.


NDE Recruitment

NDE employment Requirements

  • Experience with basic computer programs(Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
  • Ability to move within and outside the country
  • Sufficient problem-solving capabilities
  • Experience with scriptwriting, creative and analytical writing.
  • Ability to work without any supervision.
  • Having an illustration skill experience in animation and graphics will be an advantage.
  • Adequate communication skill.

For you to be able to fill the NDE application form and to register, you’re expected to have the following documents;

  • 3 credits in WAEC comprising mathematics and English and 2 related subjects /NECO/GCE with passes in 4 subjects at a sitting or 5 subjects at two sittings with the English Language compulsorily.
  • B.Sc/HND/NCE/OND in any course from a reputable institution.
  • National Diploma from any institution /NCE/General Certificate Of Education (Advanced-grade) in 2 subjects ar a sitting or 3 subjects at 2 sittings.
  • Voter’s card/National Identity Card.
  • Functioning Email.

NDE Application procedure/how to apply 2023/2024

Application for any job at the NDE is in two ways.

1. Online Application;

Here you fill the form online and get the printout. The process goes thus;

a.Log into the NDE recruitment page

b.Go to the current recruitment section

c. Read the requirements and check out the available openings.

d.Click the “apply” and fill up the registration form.

e.Register and login.

f. Provide correct details for the application form and upload your documents.

g.Then, you review and submit.

h. Get the printout.

The Application form is in about six parts which will require the information below

Part 1

  • First and last name.
  • State of origin
  • Local Government Area
  • Date of Birth
  • Sex
  • Marital status
  • Permanent Address
  • Email
  • Phone number

Part 2

  • Name of institution
  • Address of institution
  • Acquired skills

Part 3

-Employment record

-Name of Employer

-Date Started to the end

-Description of job

-Reasons for withdrawal.

Part 4

This will contain some choices about the skill you would like to acquire. Skills like

a. Vocational /technical

b.Business skills

c.Skills related to Agriculture

d.Labour based skills.

e. Any other.

Part 5.

Reread and submit.

After going through the application processes online, you should prepare for screening by organising the required documents to save time and confusion.

2)Offline Application.

If you decide to apply offline, just go to the NDE headquarters in your state and get the form, then fill and submit to the manager.

You should note that the application form is free and no charge is required.

Functions of the NDE

  1. Creation of jobs for the unemployed.
  2. Empowering the skilled and unskilled.
  3. Inculcating the desire for entrepreneurship.
  4. Building schemes that will regulate different abilities.
  5. Reducing poverty.
  6. Enriching the financial condition of the country.
  7. Developing entrepreneurship.

The Mission

The mission of the Nigerian directorate of Employment is to implement and design programmes related to job creation which will enhance employment generation, reduction of poverty, and wealth generation.

The Vision

The vision of the NDE is Jobs for all.

The Nigerian Doctorate Of Employment in Nigeria has about four programmes which were established to fuel the desire for entrepreneurship in youths and unemployed graduates.

These programmes also serve the purpose of organizing business and making citizens self-dependent while acquiring their own wealth. The programmes go thus;

1)Vocational Skills Development(VSD)

This scheme has been since the establishment of NDE, it is saddled with the responsibility of giving the unskilled and semi-skilled commercial skills that will generate money.

Trainees for this programme will be mentored for about 3-24 months depending on the skill.

2)Small Scale Enterprise(SSE)

SSE was built to provide business and to help startup businesses as a means of job creation and income generation.

3) Rural Employment Promotion (REP)

This scheme was developed to fight unemployment in the agricultural sector and to guide the youths focus on the benefit of agriculture.

4)Special Public Work.

This programme mainly help graduates to connect with employers for skill acquirement which can lead to temporary or permanent employment.

It also helps to influence work vacancies in the society by engaging the unemployed, skilled and unskilled in various activities that lead to job sustainability.

For any candidates to be qualified for recruitment in the NDE, it is required of you to have the following requirements;

Final Thoughts

The Nigerian Directorate Of Employment was developed only for combating unemployment and to empower the skilled and unskilled.

This agency is also responsible for providing graduates with a good job and increasing their income through its various programmes.

Recruitment for any job in the agency is not a difficult task, you just have to adhere to the instruction and make good use of the techniques listed above.

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