Here are some Reasons Why Your Friends who went Abroad aren’t Sending you Money

Here are some Reasons Why Your Friends who went Abroad aren’t Sending you Money

Have you ever imagined why your siblings or friends who live in foreign countries often fail to send money whenever you ask? Or you think they are stingy and don’t want anyone to share from their financial wealth?

You might be wrong with your assumption as there are many reasons that could be responsible for their actions. Some of the reasons include:

1. They aren’t financially stable

Many Nigerians believe that friends or siblings make “cool” cash or huge sum of money as soon as they leave the shores of the country.

They believe that making money in a foreign country is relatively easier than in Nigeria, which is absolutely wrong.

Your friends or siblings might be struggling to hit the ground running, so, you can’t really blame them for not wiring money into your account.

2. They have numerous needs to sort out

As much as your friends have the intention to send you some amounts of money, they have been unable to do so because they have loads of needs to sort out.

They need to provide basic amenities for their family, pay children’s tuition or school fees and settle other unexpected bills. You should consider all of these before you reach a conclusion that “he dey stingy, he no want make we enjoy from hin money”

3. There are many people looking up to them for financial help

Another possible reason why your friends in diaspora don’t give you money is because there are many people seeking financial help from them.

One of your friends might have up to five people asking him for money in one month. How do you think he will cope with that coupled with the fact that he would still meet family’s needs?

4. You ask too often

It will get to a point where your foreign-based friends or siblings will be sick and tired of giving you money every time you ask for it. This is because you ask for a higher figure or you ask too frequently. Simply put: the more you ask, the lower your chances of receiving.

5. The Ever-increasing Fraudsters or Scams

There are many fraudsters and scam out there. Your friends in a foreign country might have been victimized by fraudsters, thereby, forcing them not to give money to any stranger (whose contact address is not on their phone) begging them for money either via call or text message.


This is not to say that some people aren’t stingy and hardly give out money, but I’m only trying to advise you shouldn’t come up with unconfirmed reasons why your sibling or friends haven’t been sending money to you since he traveled out of the country.