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DSS Recruitment

The Department of States Security also known as State Security Service is a federal agency, established in 1986 with the primary purpose of protecting Nigeria from domestic threat and providing adequate security.

The agency is responsible for enforcing criminal laws and dealing with the crisis around the nation. Yearly, DSS recruits both unemployed graduates and undergraduate who wish to be part of them.

Dss recruitment


The mission of the Department of States Security is to protect the nation from domestic hazard and to defend the criminal laws, provide leadership and justice to the federal and state enforcement agency.

Functions of The Department of States Security

The functions of the Department of States Security are as follow.

  1. DSS provides protection for the state and federal government leaders
  2. DSS protects the families of both the state and federal government officials.
  3. The federal and state government depend on DSS for justice to crimes.
  4. DSS serves as an anti-terrorism agency in the nation.
  5. DSS enforces the criminal laws of Nigeria

Requirement of DSS recruitment

To be eligible for any job openings in DSS, candidates must meet up with the following requirements;

  • Must a Nigerian either by birth or descent
  • Must be within the age range 18-30 years
  • Must have a minimum of Bachelor’s degree with a second class upper certificate
  • Must be physically and mentally fit.
  • Must not be a convict of any crime
  • Must be of good behaviour and not a member of any secret society.

Furthermore, candidates interested in the recruitment process must not be pregnant, must not have a flat fracture, must not have had major surgery in the past, and must not be naturally disabled.

Also, male candidates must be at least 1.7m tall to apply for some specific post, must have an expanded chest measurement with at least 1.87m and all-female candidates must be at least 1.64m tall.

In addition, candidates can present an ND or NCE certificate in the following fields; Physics, Maths, English, Sociology, Psychology.

How to apply for DSS Recruitment

The application procedure for any job position in DSS is strictly offline. See how to apply below.

  • – Write a formal letter bearing the signature of your Local government council or any top official in your local government
  • – Handwrite an Application letter and direct it to the Director-General Of DSS
  • – Compile your results
  • – Get two recent passport photograph, preferably with a coloured background.
  • – Then, you’re to visit any DSS office in your state to submit the documents.

Shortlisted candidates

Shortly after the application process, the DSS shortlisted candidates list would be published on the website dss.gov.ng. Only qualified applicants will be invited for the screening and interview process.

The screening section is also very compulsory so candidates must be available for it. Also, candidates must present a certificate issued by a government medical official that ascertain great mental and physical well being.

It is advisable candidates know that the application process of DSS is free, so there’s no need to pay anyone for it. Also, candidates must only submit one application letter as multiples can lead to disqualification.

Salary Structure of The Department of States Security

Most job seekers are always curious about the salary they’ll receive before getting employed in any organisation. Well, The salary structure of DSS is based on ranks and levels. There are many officers and levels in the agency; See the level and officers below.

The non-officer officer level consists of Recruit, private, Lance corporal, corporal, sergeant, and staff sergeant.

Junior officer level consists of captain second lieutenant and lieutenant

Senior officer level consist of major, lieutenant and colonel ranking level consists of Lieutenant Henry, major general, Brigadier and general.

In addition, the Director-General is the highest position in the agency and anyone in the position receives around #1.3million per month. The average salaries received by DSS employees is #210,000 per month.

From the salaries above, it is deduced that the DSS really pay its employees handsomely. Now, check out the benefits you will get if you’re employed in the agency.

Benefits of working with the DSS

Employees working with the Department of States Security are entitled to many benefits. The benefits include free healthcare, personal and intellectual growth, teamwork and cooperation.

Besides, you’ll get a great environment to work in, good connection, good personnel and you will be encouraged to live a healthy lifestyle.

Final Thoughts

The Department of States Security is the leading intelligence agency in Nigeria. It is responsible for protecting the nation and to prevent the citizens from any dangerous and hazardous situation. The agency recruits unemployed Nigerian citizen every year to reduce the risk of unemployment in the country.

The recruitment process is free but delicate. However, to have a smooth and stress-free application process, candidates should adhere to the above guidelines and instructions.

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