Don’t like that habit? A tip to stop bad habits and build good ones

Don’t like that habit? A tip to stop bad habits and biuld good ones

If I should ask, when was the very last time you have a reflection on your habit? At times we might notice that most people around us are tired and feel irritated and would never want you to come around them.

If you are finding the best possible ways to improve on your self, stop bad habit that usually scare your friends and love ones around you then this post will be your best guide.

Most times we don’t know when we exhibit bad behaviour at home and in our work place, don’t worry after reading this article you will identify best ways to get better and develop new habit, help you roll along with your love ones and thereby improve your productivity.

To be sincere character is entirely different from habit which remains an aspect of one’s being that is responsible in shaping one’s future. To be candid, habit can mar or help transform you quickly to the kind of person you have ever wanted.

To this end we must say everyone must strive to check his or her habit which should be a daily routine hence dropping those ones that portrays one in a bad light in the eyes of the world, on the other hand improve on the one that can brighten one’s life and hence improve your relationship with friends and family.

What do you understand by the term bad and good habits?

Bad habits: bad habits are simply just a behavioral pattern that are often negative. This bad habit might be procrastination while to others it might be overspending, Swearing, Alcohol, Picking your nose, Smoking etc. The person often find the willpower to engage in this act effortlessly.

Bad habits like the few we have mentioned above might make one to be a turn off to his or her spouse and also make one to be very far behind positive objectives that will help enhance personal growth and those of others that find themselves around them.

Good habits: Good habits are the opposite of bad habits. Here the behavioural pattern seems beneficial not only one’s physical and mental health but also to those that are around such a person that possess them.

Good habits bring out the best in you, make you confident because you aren’t ashamed of displaying them in public.

Here are ways to drop bad habits for good ones

Reset your mindset: you should know that the habit you exhibit are as a result of your thoughts hence getting a better and lasting result is by attacking the root cause of the problem.

Stop that unwanted or negative habits by telling your self you are done with it, to get it right you must be very determined after you must identify those bad habits that must be cut off from your life.

Destroy or ignore every activity that can trigger bad habits: bad habits don’t just come on its own, something might have triggered it and made you feel very comfortable engaging yourself with it.
Identify those things that trigger them and avoid them completely.

Take for instance smokers. If you are a chain smokers and you find that getting to a bar will encourage you to light a stick of cigarette then its better you try as much as possible to remain indoor even when the urge comes.

Stay in the midst of people with desirable habits: stay clear from people who are of same like mind with you in terms of this bad habits. Those who indulge in such habit. With this the pleasure to continue with such habit will die down slowly.

Involve a trustworthy companion: as you strive to drop off bad habits, you can as well join a group or an association that will help with the right advice from their wealth of experience.
They might also help you watch how far you have progress in your fight against your weakness and also how you best to improve on them.

Know the good habits you want and patiently build them: identify the bad habits on one hand and also carefully pick up the good habits that you desire so much to possess and slowly build your self with it. Don’t expect to start seeing result overnight, all this things take process and time.


As you embark on this self transformation you should remember that every step you take is a process and you should be able to answer this few questions we have for you in the comment section.

Can you tell us When you start to notice those bad habit?
How often do you exhibit those bad habits in a day?
What do you think that trigger them?
Who are your friends?

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