Welcome, Recommended, approved, admission in progress On Jamb Caps 2023/2024

Meanings And Frequently Asked Questions On Jamb Caps 2023/2024 admission guide

As JAMB Starts to issue out admission through their market place there are some terms that sound confusing. This article will help you understand those terms hence you won’t make any mistake that might cost you your admission.

You might have asked what is the meaning of Welcome, Recommended, approved, admission in progress, etc immediately you log into JAMB Caps Portal.

Hence we re taking much of our time today to help you better understand the JAMB CAPS Portal and all Frequently Asked Questions all round; should in case you are having trouble with the portal you will get to know how to resolve common issues.

Jamb Caps Says Welcome

Caps Says Welcome: immediately you are logged in to your personal JAMB CAPS profile, you should click on JAMB CAPS. You should get a welcome message appearing on your screen.

Those who are trying to access the JAMB CAPS Portal with your smart phone, the page might be blank leaving you with no option than to enable the Desktop mode.

Note: to bypass the WELCOME message, you must enable the desktop mode immediately.

Jamb Caps FAQ Questions And Answers

Question 1: I did logged in to my profile but I was greeted with an unpleasant message that says “Not admitted!” Sir Please my school of choice has not yet released admission list.

Answer: all what I see here is that the admission is still in process hence you don’t need to panic as JAMB has not yet received a list of recommended student to be admitted from your school. As you all know your school will recommend while JAMB will approve. So keep checking untill the admissions process is over.

Note: when you get the message that says not admitted that does not mean that you won’t be consider for admission, what it means is that admissions is still in process and it comes in batches. So keep checking.

Question 2: sir please Why is the institution (polytechnic, college of education or university) and course is blank in Jamb Caps.

Answer: if you have not been offered admission, don’t expect to see institution or course of study listed on jamb CAPS Portal, although if you are offered admission JAMB will be notified and will update it on your profile.

Question 3: Please sir My AAU (also applies to UNIBEN, UI, UNILORIN, ABU ZARIA, OAU, UNILAG, UNN, LASU, FUTO, FUTA) admission page shows that I have been admitted but when I logged into JAMB CAPS I found out that I have not been admitted. Sir right now I click on Accept mistakenly, how can I resolve this issue now?

Answer: from all indication your school are yet to forward a list that contains your name to jamb, on the other hand it could be that jamb have received a soft copy but are yet to upload them.

So just wait for a while and lastly that Accept button you click, won’t be valid or effective because since you haven’t secured a spot in any of the institution clicking on accept or reject mistakenly won’t alter alter change anything

Question 4: sir I logged into JAMB website and I couldn’t login, it says invalid login credentials..why this please?

Answer: to access JAMB CAPS just first login to your JAMB profile first, then from there you can access the JAMB CAPS Portal. Unless you can’t login to jamb profile then you have to kindly reset your password.

Question 5: sir I I mistakenly click on Accept and am worried right now if my chances of admission this year is over.

I mistakenly click on accept in d jamb caps while my admission status says not admitted.

Answer: since you have not been offered admission and you click on ACCEPT It won’t affect you

Question 6: I was happy when I was offered admission in on JAMB CAPS Portal but sadly when I tried to confirm my admission status it was displaying that I have not been admitted. Sir note that the institution i choose as my preferred institution has released her admission list and when I checked the list of those admitted my name is there.

Answer: congratulations you have been offered a provisional admission but it seems that the joint admission and Matriculation board jamb is yet to update their portal. So keep checking in a week time.

Question 7:

1..my question is about the admission deadline”¦I found out that my own deadline of 72hrs is today” will there be any chances of securing admission it I accept tomorrow?
2..Will my admission be cancelled after the deadline has passed?

Answer: yes since the deadline has not yet passed You can accept tomorrow.

There could still be chance for grace and a Window for extension but please to be on a safe side follow all guidelines.

Question 8: I found approved on my JAMB CAPS Portal. have I been offered admission?
Answer: Congratulations!

Question 9: what does recommended me?

Answer: Recommended in Jamb caps mean you are eligible for admission. So jamb has recommended for various schools to pick up.

Questions 12: am seeing admission in progress in Jamb CAPS.

Answer: it simply means that your admission is still in process and you are now considered if you will be given admission or not. Look out for congratulations you have been offered admission.

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