social intelligence the main key to be Street smart in Nigeria

social intelligence the main key to be Street smart in Nigeria

For you to get it right in the society of today (Nigeria) you must possess some trait that will guide you on how you interact with others and your environment. Social Intelligence remains an important aspect of behaviourism.

Many scholars have come up with their definition of the term “Social Intelligence” but in this article we are going to take you on the core aspects.

What is Social Intelligent all about?

Social Intelligence deals with your ability to know who you are, which is one’s self and also that of others. To get it right you have to develop this intelligence from your experiences with people; failures and success you encounter or see in the society.

To keep your head up and going in the society of today it is important for one to develop this Social Intelligence. Often time social intelligence is sometimes referred to as being “street wise or smart ” others refers it to “common sense ” as you develop this, it becomes part of who you are and also guide your everyday life with others.

Top five features of social intelligence you should possess :

They are effective listeners: a person who is blessed with a high sense of social intelligence will end up being a good listener, they will strive as much as they could to get and grab every point you see trying to make in a conversation

possess good conversational skills: someone who is blessed with a high level of social intelligence will always be self confident when delivering a speech or when having a discussion with other people, they feel calm and always give out all points they have in mind, above all they seems to have a high sense of humour.

They don’t argue unnecessarily: I have seen people with social intelligence who don’t like to clash with others when it comes to a topic of discourse. They won’t like to put it on their opponent that they are off Point in their ideas ot thought but rather they will still flow along even through they don’t subscribe to such an idea.

See how you can Build Social Intelligence in the Nigerian society?

Conscious of the Nigerian Environment: a social intelligence person ought to be very concerned and conscious about the society he or she find him self; with this they tend to learn the good, bada and ugly in the society and form a basis on how to flow along and interact with others around them.

Learn how to control your emotions: Respect cultural differences: Nigeria as of today is made up of over 250 languages and many more cultural background. As a social intelligence person you ought to strive hard to learn about these cultural differences, religious beliefs, norms and traditions of those around you because with this you won’t run into problems with them in respect the above.

Have a listening ear and also pay attention : as a social intelligence person you need to have a positive relationship that is deep with others around you. This include your children, spouse, parents etc. If there is disconnect between you and those people who play important role in your everyday life there will be a disconnect as you won’t know how to deal with them so as to avoid social conflict.

Ensure your mindset is sound : having a sound mindset will not only help have a good social intelligence skills but will ensure you keep a positive vibe with everyone around you

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