Npower batch D Registration 2022/2023: recruitment (N Build, teach, tech, health)

Npower Recruitment | registration portal is open for new application |

Are you interested in applying for the N-Power Batch D registration? The social empowerment scheme was created by the Federal Government of Nigeria, and it has been helping youths across the nation.

It was established to help Nigerian youths develop requisite skills. These skills help develop successful employers of labor and entrepreneurs.Npower

Here is the duration for graduates and non-graduates program:

  • The program for Graduates takes 2 years or 24 months.
  • The duration for the non-graduates program is just three months.

To find more about the NPower Batch D registeration, please keep reading.

N-Power Batch D Programmes.

The programme is different categories. Below are the categories N-power programme was grouped into:

For the Graduate category, here is the list:


For the non-graduate category, here is the list:

  • N-Power Creative
  • N-Power Tech-Hardware
  • N-Power Tech-Software


Do you ever wish to join the scheme, then it’s time for you to sieze this chance to register for the next N-Power Batch D.

The interesting part is that while would be acquiring knowledge, you will be on the federal government payroll and you can receive up to N30,000 monthly.

The federal government has open the door for new applicants to come and benefit from the program. Information about this was released on June by the press. That is why we decide to give you a clear guidelines on how to apply – just as it was specified by the federal government.

The main objective for this article is to provide you with the latest information about the Npower Recruitment . Hope you would find it useful.

You will be shown how to apply for various NPower Programs. NPower Programs such as the N-POWER Teach, N-POWER TAX, N-POWER AGRO, and N-POWER Health.

Now, let’s go deeper as we discuss about the necessary requirements you will need. For your applicantion to be successful, there are things you ought to know and do. It will help your application to be accepted on time.

About Npower Recruitment programme 2022/2023

Nigeria is a country that is blessed with both mineral and human resources. As a country with over 150 million in total population, it poverty remains a war to battle.

In a recent study, the poverty rate in Nigeria has been on the raise. This is a big challenge. Unemployment in the country was a major contribution to this, especially among the youths.

It was also estimated that in Nigeria, more than 90 million of the population spend less than or equal to $1 daily.

This draws the attention of the Federal Government, the alarming rate of poverty and unemployment across the nation.

If something was not done, it could result to social anarchy in no time. The Federal Government was forced to take immediate actions.

As a swift response to the challenge of poverty and unemployment, the Federal government came up with an idea that will help correct some of this anomalies.

One of to redistribute income to narrow the gap between the rich and the poor while at the same time impact skills into beneficiaries of some programmes. The concept of NPOWER was given birth to.

This scheme was not created for free money. Beneficiaries must work for it. Values must be exchanged.

The main objective of the programme is to equip participants with needed skills that will provide solutions to the society. To help the primary health care, improving education delivery and many more.

The program was targeted towards citizens within the age of 18 to 35. Half a million will be recruited per session.

Those who are selected will render varieties of services. Some of these services include software development, hardware service, graphics design, animations, artist, and other useful services.

The programme is loaded with a lot of amazing benefits and offers for participants. You stand a chance to gain knowledge on specialized area that are of interest to you, apart from the monetary benefits. Yes, you are entitled to a stipend of N30,000 every month.

N-POWER recruitment 2022/2023 HAS 5 MAIN SEGMENTS

Now, let’s talk about the 5 category/segments of the N-power programme and their recruitments.

Again, here are the FIVE categories. They have different targets and functions.


N-POWER HEALTH recruitment

The main goal behind the Npower health programme is to improve and promote preventive healthcare in communities that lack health care personnel. This is a great move! Quality healthcare is very essential in any economy.

The previous reality in Nigeria was that people suffer from the absence of quality healthcare personnel. Now the programme targets areas that have acute shortage or lacking in quality healthy delivery.

N-POWER TAX recruitment

The federal government also came up with another program known as the N-POWER TAX. This programme was designed to bring awareness about the importance of tax.

Community Tax Liason Officers will be recruited and train for this purpose. They will enlighten communities on how paying tax will help bring great development to the general economy. The Nigerian government doesn’t support tax compliance.

N-POWER AGRO recruitment

The importance of agriculture in any nation cannot be ignored. As Nigeria is blessed with good soil and climate, agriculture must be fully supported by the government.

There are millions of farmers in Nigeria today who still don’t understand the best way to practice.

Many of them don’t know how to increase productivity, store large produce, combat pests, and getting produce to the final consumer on time. These are common challenges that must be addressed.

The N-power Agro was used as a potential solution. The Federal Government of Nigeria created the programme to help farmers with there different challenges.

Npower build (N-BUILD)  recruitment starting date

For now, there hasn’t been specific date given for the next N-Power recruitments. The federal government, however, made it known to the general public that the portal for recruitment will be opened very soon, and it is expected to be short down after few months.

See the list of 7 trades in npower build (N Build) recruitment

Below is a list of available positions you can apply for. They are 7 trades you can look into to tap potential opportunities.

  1. Hospitality.
  2. Electrical installation.
  3. Automobile.
  4. Masonry and tilling.
  5. Plumbing and pipe fitting.
  6. Carpentry and joinery.
  7. Agric tech.

Qualification for npower build application

For you to participate in any if the NPower programmes, there are certain requirements you must meet. Below are the qualifications for the Npower build application .

  1. You must be currently unemployed, but still have willing to work.
  2. The desire for fixing and building stuff around.
  3. Candidates must be at least 18 years before they can apply.

Official portal for N-Build application 2022/2023

Applicantions are to be forwarded or done on the portal of portal. This is the website if NPower: or . You can begin the application process from of them.

Npower Recruitment requirement

Have you been looking for a platform where you can enhance your skills (regardless of what they are) and want to build on it? NPower could be the best match for you. If you haven’t been getting some cash for your useful skills, try the platform today.

But before you can participate in this kind of platform that was designed with your progress in mind, there are few requirements. You must demonstrate that you have something to offer.

Now let’s briefly talk about what you need to have to participate in this opportunity.

Educational qualifications. What is the minimum education qualification for any of the N-POWER programmes? Initially, Npower was designed for unemployed graduates, HND and BSc graduates.

But that’s not the case as there are still many O Level holders who have no wish to further their education. For this reason, the minimum educational requirement is O Level. If you are a secondary school graduate, you can still apply.

Age matters as far as this programme is concerned. Participants must be at least 18 years of age.

Any candidate who is below 18 won’t be selected for this offer. The maximum age allowed is 35. Anyone above 35 years of age shouldn’t bother to apply.

Finally, a candidate must be unemployed before he/she can apply.

How to apply / register for NPOWER Recruitment 2022/2023

Please follow the steps below to begin the N-power registeration process.

Good luck!

Do you find this guide helpful? Please feel free to ask any question about what is unclear to you. We will be happy to answer any of your questions. Simply ask using the comment box below.

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