Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) Recruitment 2022/2023 Updates

Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) Recruitment 2022/2023 Updates & Current Status

Are you looking forward to working with NPA? Would you mind if we teach you how to register for Nigerian NPA jobs? If yes, then read on now.

NPA Recruitment 2022/2023

The Nigeria Ports Authority is a federal agency that has been in existence since 1954. It was established for the main purpose of regulating Nigeria’s port and other related harbours.

Their duties and roles are linked with that of the Ministry of Transport and Nigerian Shippers’ council.

Also, the NPA agency recruits both graduate and non-graduates of Nigeria every year in order to reduce unemployment in the nation.

NPA Recruitment requirements 2022/2023

In order to be eligible for the recruitment process of NPA, candidates need to have the following requirements.

  • Applicants must be a Nigerian
  • Must be within the age of 18- 30 years.
  • Must have a valid form of ID/Driver’s license/Voter’s card/Immigration passport.
  • Must have the basic knowledge of computer programs like Microsoft Office and other applications for efficient delivery of tasks.
  • Must have a functioning email address and phone number.

Furthermore, candidates need to have the following documents in order to be competent for NPA recruitment. The documents are listed below.

  • -Higher National Diploma(HND) in related courses of the quantitative field.
  • -B.Sc/Master’s degree in disciplines that are related to the quantitative aspect.

Application procedure

To apply for any position in the Nigeria Ports Authority, you need to follow these.

  • Candidates should visit the Nigeria Ports Authority
  • Click “register“.
  • Create an account and fill in your biodata on the application form.
  • You can even save the form.
  • Then, check your biodata and details once more before making the submission.
  • After that, you can now upload your Curriculum vitae(CV) and credentials.
  • Be sure that you fill the application form once as multiples can lead to disqualification.
  • Also, the application form can be submitted to the Nigeria Ports Authority office, Lagos and it should be directed to the General Manager of the Human Resources department.

Shortlisted candidates.

The Nigeria Ports Authority shortlisted candidates will be released shortly after the application process.

It is advisable applicants check the recruitment page form time to time so as to know when it is released. However, the shortlisted candidates will be invited for an aptitude test and an interview.

Only qualified candidates will be able to proceed to the final stage of recruitment. It should be noted that original certificates must be presented during the interview.

Salary structure of the NPA

Applicants are always curious about the salary structure of agencies before applying.

Well, the Nigeria Ports Authority pay its employees very well although the pay is based on the employee’s level and rank in the agency. Below are the salaries received by some employees.

  1. Counselors receive around #180,000 – #200,000 per month.
  2. Desk Cadet officers get #250,000 – #300,000 per month.
  3. Health Safety Environment officers receive around #300,000 – #400,000 per month.
  4. Control Engineers receive #450,000 – #600,000 per month.

In addition, The Nigeria Ports Authority have other departments like security services department, finance and accounts department, ICT department, Marine department, Operation department, Engineering department, Fire service department and Administrative department.

Functions of Nigeria Ports Authority.

1)NPA helps to protect the citizen’s life and properties

2)It helps to provide a safe and risk-free channel

3)Nigeria Ports Authority helps to regulate the facilities and equipment in Nigeria’s ports.

4)NPA provides services in the form of cargo handling and storage purposes.

5)It develops and operates most of the ports in Nigeria.

In addition, Nigeria Ports Authority regulate ports in Lagos, Rivers, Calabar, Delta, Onne and the Tin Can Island port in Lagos.


The mission of the Nigeria Ports Authority(NPA) is to provide productive port duties in a stable and friendly environment.


The vision of the Nigeria Ports Authority is to be the leader of all the ports in Africa.

Benefits of working in NPA

The employees of the Nigeria Ports Authority enjoy great and numerous benefits. They include great networking, personal growth development, amazing exposure, wonderful educative session and good connection.

In fact, the employees and their families enjoy free medical care. So, you can see getting employed in the Nigeria Ports Authority will expose you to numerous benefits.

Furthermore, all qualified applicants must be present for the aptitude test and must have with them the

original copies of their credentials. However, you should also be careful not to apply more than once because that attract automatic disqualification.

It should also be noted that applicants might have to undertake a medical fitness test to ascertain their physical and mental wellbeing.

Final Thoughts.

The Nigeria Ports Authority is an agency that was founded to regulate and maintain the country’s ports and harbour.

The agency recruits both unemployed graduates and non-graduates in order to eliminate unemployment in the society. Going through the recruitment process is free and you shouldn’t let anybody dupe you into believing they can get you a job there.

However, you must adhere to the above instructions and advice to reduce the risk of being disqualified and to have a stress free recruitment process.

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