Five ways you can improve your productivity in life

Five ways you can improve your productivity in life

There are 24 hours in a day, but how many of these hours you effectively utilize for your growth and overall development.

How effective are you when it comes to making perfect use of the hours that make up a day? Are you good at procrastinating jobs or tasks that need urgent attention? Your answers to these questions ultimately determine your level of productivity in life.

Meanwhile, your productivity is tied to how well you maximize your time. Therefore, it is extremely crucial you take a look at our list of five ways you can increase your productivity which are well discussed below:

1. Set your tasks for each day the night before

It is mandatory you set your goals or tasks for the next day before going to bed as this will go a long way to give you a bright morning.

You should endeavor to create your to-do list for the next day 15 minutes before going to bed in order to have enough time to list the tasks according to their importance or difficulties.

2. Revisit your to-do list regularly

Revisiting your to-do list will help you know the pace at which you are operating on. It helps you know if you are on the right track to accomplishing all the listed tasks or goals.

Endeavor to bring your to-do list close to you so that you can easily see them and re-adjust your working pace. This habit will also enhance your chances of coming up with a suitable strategy on how to achieve all the tasks as soon as possible.

3. Avoid distraction

Distraction is one of the factors that will surely reduce your productivity in life. You must deal with distraction if you want to be regarded as one of the greatest individuals on earth.

Distraction could come from your friends, phones, computers etc, yours is to discover the source of distraction and nip it from the bud.

4. Take a break from all work to rest your mind

It is often said that “All work without play make Jack a dull boy” which is absolutely right and accurate. You shouldn’t sit in that office for nine hours without taking a break to rest your body, brain and mind.

Go out for lunch; take light refreshment in order to regain some of the lost energy. Be grateful for the tasks achieved so far and think of a way to achieve the remaining ones.

5. Make Use of highly effective “two-minute” Rule

Wondering what the “two-minute” rule stands for? It’s a simple rule postulated by a well-known entrepreneur Steve Olenksi.

According to him, you have no reason to postpone any task that can be accomplished within two minutes.

The same rule also claimed that it will take you less than two minute to start all kind of tasks, although you might spend an hour or more trying to accomplish the task.

So, you should try to implement this rule as it will help you get rid of tasks or mission that require little or no effort and time.


Don’t be sad with yourself if you fail to achieve all set goals or tasks every day. You just have to keep ensuring all of the five listed habits or methods. You will be surprised with the level of achievements you made by the end of the year.

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