Five freelance jobs you can start from the comfort of your home

Five freelance jobs you can right from the comfort of your home
If there is one thing we learnt from the whole Covid-19 experience, it is the fact that most of us don’t really need to have a physical office to be gainfully employed.

The lockdown forced people to think out of the box and come up with multiple ways to run official works without having an in-person discussion with other members of the company.

Staff or board members’ meetings were done online; lots of e-commerce shops were created.

Many open stores surprisingly became internet-based stores as their owners couldn’t continue to watch their investments crashing because of lack of patronization.

It won’t be out of place to say that this recent online trend has come to stay as many business owners will surely want to continue their online businesses post covid-19.

You too should endeavor to engage yourself in any of five freelance jobs you can right in the comfort of your home which are discussed below.

1. Customer Service Representative

It is now crystal clear to entrepreneurs or business organizations that customer service representatives don’t really need to be present in an office for them to dispense their jobs or activities. Hence, this is one freelance job you can do right from the comfort of your home.

However, you need a working computer, headset and a good communication skill because you are required to attend to customers’ complains, orders and enquiries via phone calls.

It is important you know that payment is based on the number of hours you work, while your hourly income is strictly based on the agreement between you and your company.

2. Become a Virtual Teacher

A virtual teacher is an individual who teaches online. Do you have all it takes to deliver a comprehensive lecture on any topics? Then you shouldn’t wait to be employed into any institution.

This is because you can actually create a teaching niche for yourself via online platforms such as YouTube, TikTok and other video-supporting social media sites.

Endeavor to reach out to many people online viewers in order to boost your success rate. Alternatively, you can run a quick search on Google to find out education-based sites that are interested hiring an online teacher who could perform brilliantly.

3. Freelance Writer

This is one of the best freelance jobs you can do without any pressure or hassle. You only need a computer system, a good internet service and, probably, writing material.

Explore Upwork and freelancer today and see the numerous lists of clients interested in your writing services.

4. Graphic or Web Design

Just like writing job, there are millions of web owners interested in hiring an experienced designer who will help them design their website in no time.

Considering the increase in number of website owners, you are guaranteed to make huge money from this profession as long as you remain committed.

5. Social Media Marketer

Do you have a large number of followers on your Social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram? Then you can choose to be an online marketer.

Reach an agreement with companies that are interested in advertising their businesses virtually.

You stand a chance of earning monthly commission from the number of leads generated to the business via any of your social media accounts.

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