Don’t allow problem in Nigeria deny you your sleep! sleep better every night with this tips

Don’t allow problem in Nigeria deny you your sleep! sleep better every night with this tips

For you to maintain a good body weight, healthy living and also improve on your brain you should sleep very well because sleep helps the healing process of the heart, tissues and the blood vessels and more importantly a good sleep should help the body not only keep fit but also get ready for the next day activities.

Modern day living in most urban cities in Nigeria and the demand that comes with meeting certain obligations often times does not allow for adequate sleep necessary for the healing process of the body.

Here are some of the benefits why we Nigerians should embrace good night rest.

Increase in productivity : when you sleep well or have adequate sleep after the day to day activities your body will be well positioned for the next day activities. It is often said that good sleep is link to concentration, cognition and productivity.

Less worries for overweight : most people often hold the belief that those who sleep very well might turn out to be obese but in reality this is entirely false.
Scientific studies has even argued that not having enough sleep is link with obesity because when you don’t give much time to sleep the body won’t be prepared to engage in exercise the next day.

Fight depression: getting adequate sleep helps to fight depression on the other hand if one lack good sleep or suffering from insomnia it might be a sign that such a one is suffering from depression.

Keep heart disease at bay : getting adequate sleep will in no doubt lower your risk of getting heart problems or disease because sleep itself helps your blood pressure low because it regulates itself.

How to have a better sleep despite the Nigerian bad economy:

Have a warm bath: in Nigeria as at today there is poor power supply hence there is way to keep the AC on. having your bath will make you sleep nice, it get your body calm and cool.

Get the right mattress: get a good mattress that suits for body. It could be soft mattress or strong one,just the one that is okay for you. Moreover get a soft bedsheet and match it with a soft pillow.

Don’t take Caffeine before bed time: caffeine based products might keep you awake, deny you your sleep and lots more. Also have it in mind that the effect of caffeine can in your system for hours or even days.

Avoid noise: stay away from noisy environment. Be aware that most noise won’t wake you up but a very detrimental to one’s sleep quality. Once this continues you brain will unconsciously take in those sound and this alone could cause some level of restlessness without you knowing.


If you observe that you have done your best and still yet you are unable to have good sleep, please consult your doctor for best advice if there is an underlying health problem that trigger this problem.

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