Do this and Overcome your Fear and anxiety

Do this and Overcome your Fear

Did you know Fear is said to be the feeling of great worry or anxiety caused by the knowledge of danger.

Even though it keeps one safe and alert of potential dangers, how ever, being fearful can also restrain an individual from achieving it set goals and disrupt daily activities.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to curtail the level of fear and have a peaceful day.

On this post, you will be enlighten on ways to overcome fear.

Identify Your Fear.

Its is natural to be fearful, but being overwhelm by fear have a negative impact on your well-being.

One major way of identify ones fear is by writing it down, instead of thinking deeply.When it is written on a sheet of paper, you can properly figure out what make you afraid and why you are afraid of such things. Analysis like this helps to curtail the level of fear.

Outline The Cause of Fear

In most cases, fear often occur as a result phobias, which include (fear of publicly speaking), Animals ( being afraid of snakes, dogs etc) Injections, Bad informations etc.

When fear is experienced physical, mental and emotional reactions occur. This include, Difficulty in breathing, Racing heart, Sweating, feeling Pressured, Panic, Anxiety, Feeling dizzy or wanting to faint, lost of Strenght etc.

Be Mindful of Your Thought

It is very important to be conscious of what comes to your mind and things you think of. Negative thought will do no good, but enhance the level of fear in you.

There are ways to get rid of negative thought, one of which is called the Law of replacement.

The Law state that you can’t replace a thing with nothing, you can only replace it with something.

When you find yourself experiencing a negative fearful producing thought, you can replace it by reading books or engage yourself in any out door activities such as, exercising or even a walk around your environment etc.

Use Positive Affirmation

The greatest antidote of all times to fear is affirmation. It is the ability to state something positively and firmly.

Affirmation can be utilized by creating a positive mindset. Example, Imaging you wants to write a project that seems very difficult and fearful, create a mental reality about such a project and form a positive statement that describe it as if it has been achieved.

With time your mindset toward that particular project changes, this will reduce the level of fear.

Confront Your Fears

when you identify a fear, ensure you discipline your self in confronting what you are afraid of.

With time, such fear take less control over you and becomes more manageable. How ever, as fear becomes smaller in you, your confident grows.

See Fear As An Opportunity

Fear should be regarded as a tools for facing challenges and solving it effectively.

Fear should not be regarded as a moment to be sober, but a time to make amendment.

When you are afraid of a project, see it as an opportunity to study hard. In a nut shell, what ever your fears are, see it as an opportunity to talk to some one about it.

This will reduce the burden of fear off your shoulders.

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