Chevron Nigeria Recruitment 2022/2023 – How to Apply

Chevron Nigeria Recruitment 2022/2023 – How to Apply Here with latest news

Chevron Corporation is an oil and gas company that was founded 10 years ago for the purpose of overseeing crude oil and its by-products, exploration and production.

It is a multinational company and one of the largest oil producers in cooperation with Nigeria.

It operates with the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC) for all activities related to the oil and gas industry around the nation.

The recruitment process takes place every year for both unemployed graduates and undergraduate citizens of Nigeria.

The duties of Chevron corporation include production, exploration, Manufacture, blending and marketing of oil and energy in Nigeria.

Chevron Recruitment requirement 2022/2023

In order to be eligible for any position in Chevron, applicants should have the following requirements.

  • West Africa Secondary School Certificate(WASC)/Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSCC) with credits in not less than 3 subjects including English language and other subjects.
  • NECO/GCE(Ordinary level) certificate with passes in four subjects at one sitting or five subjects at two sittings.
  • B.Sc/HND certificate from any reputable institution.
  • A minimum of second class lowest in any discipline
  • Must be within the age of 27-30 years.
  • Must have good communication skill.

Furthermore, applicants must be a Nigerian, have a functioning email, have a functioning phone number and computer knowledge about basic programs would be an added advantage.

How to Apply for Chevron Recruitment  2022/2023

To apply for Chevron Corporation recruitment process, go to,

click on “apply”, create an account, scan and upload your credentials and resume and also complete the online profile by filling your biodata correctly.

In addition, you should note that multiple applications can lead to disqualification so, do not apply for more than one job opening.

Chevron Shortlisted Candidates

The shortlisted candidates of Chevron corporation would be published shortly after the application process.

If your background and credentials are approved by the Human Resources team, you’ll be invited for an interview.

Make sure you prepare well for the interview, know the necessary and be punctual when going for the interview.

You should also know that the interview will be in different stages and you’ll be asked to come in for various interviews until the final one. That’s if you pass through the interviews in flying colours.

Salary structure of Chevron Corporation.

Most of the time, interested candidates in Chevron recruitment are always curious about the salary. Well, the corporation is one of the largest paying industry in Nigeria.

The Engineers in the Chevron corporation receives the highest pay in the industry. There are different Engineers like Mechanical Engineer, Petroleum Engineer, Reservoir Engineer etc.

Although the salary structure is dependent on the job specification, the position of the employee, and location of the job. Here is the salary some engineers receive.

Entry level Engineers(New graduates) receive salary within the range #150,000- #500,000

Senior level Engineers receive within the range #1,000,000-#5,000,000

In addition, Geoscientists are also important in the oil and gas industry. They help with underground mappings, collection of rock samples and the finding of crude oil beneath the Earth surface. They also earn a lot but it isn’t up to that of Engineers.

Entry-level employees for the geoscientist position receive between #100,000 and #300,000 per salary at the same time the senior level geoscientist receive between #500,000 and #3,000,000 per month.

Furthermore, apart from the basic pay Chevron employees receive, they still get allowances for some other miscellaneous.

Benefits of working in Chevron

The employees in Chevron are exposed to numerous benefits such as free lunch, good network and connection, a friendly atmosphere, salaries without delay, and you also get to improve your managing skills.

In fact, Chevron corporation employees free lunches, transportation allowance, and are exposed to different people from different cultures and they learn the virtue of cooperation and teamwork.

Functions Of Chevron

  1. Chevron Corporation help with the marketing and trading of crude oil in Nigeria
  • It also helps with the exploration of crude oil and its by-products
  • Chevron ensures pollution measures are in place and ensures safety.
  • Helps to improve crude oil business within the locals.
  • Chevron Corporation also helps with the refining of crude oil and its by-products.


The mission of Chevron corporation is to conduct business in a social and ethical manner as well as respecting and abiding by the laws, rules and regulation and protecting the environment.


The vision of Chevron corporation is to be the energy company around the globe known for its people, investments and performance.

Final thoughts

Chevron Corporation is one of the largest oil producers in Nigeria. The corporation employs both unemployed graduates and non-graduates every year to reduce the risk of unemployment in the country.

However, to pass through the recruitment process, it is compulsory applicants adhere to the above instructions, as this will help you to run the process smoothly.

You should also know that the application process for Chevron is free, so don’t let anyone dupe you into paying for it.

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